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Legs, Chest, Bicep, Abs (60 minutes) Day 1, 3

Upper Back, Shoulders, Triceps, Lower Back, Obliques (60 minutes) Day 2, 4

Please follow the workout listed below 3x per week for a minimum 60 minutes each workout, every other day. Example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. My recommendation for cardiovascular exercise is rowing, elliptical, bike and swimming. Low impact on knees, hips and ankles. Target heart rate is as follows for you: 

Cardiovascular training/Heart Rate for your age:


Maximum Heart Rate for high speed Endurance:

198 BPM (Beats per minute) 


Heart Rate to increase Fat Metabolism (burn fat):

139 BPM (Target 40 minutes)


Heart Rate to Increase Aerobic Power and improve blood circulation:

159 BPM (Target 20 minutes)

Use the similar equipment at LA Fitness just like you performed at Berwyn Squash & Fitness Club. Weight denominations may need to be adjusted if the equipment is not identical.

Strength Training Overload Protocols

Resistance Guidelines


Strength Training: The Right Way

The goal of the strength training program will be to develop overall muscular strength potentials that is safe, sound, sensible, systematic and applicable to your fitness goals.


Begin each set with a goal to complete the number of repetitions listed. The effort must be increasing for every subsequent repetition.

Each repetition should be performed in a controlled, deliberate manner where the exercise is performed with appropriate level of intensity and with the minimal involvement of momentum.

You should continually contract your target musculature during the raising phase and the lowering phase of each repetition. 


The lowering phase of every repetition should be slower than the raising phase. A suggested guide is to raise the involved limbs up in 2 second or at a 2 count and lower them in 4 seconds or a 4 count.


Flex the muscle momentarily in the mid-range of each exercise when the muscle is in its “fully contracted position.” Then lower the resistance slowly to the starting position. This is the most difficult way to train; however it is the most productive way to train.

Never let the weight touch the weight stack during the exercise. Always stop 1/2 inch above stack to keep resistance on the muscle at all times.


When you are able to complete the exercise in proper form for the prescribed number of repetitions, add the appropriate weight (depending on the difficulty of the exercise) appropriate may be as little as 2.5 pounds, yet not greater than 10 pounds and continue to progress. Never sacrifice quality of lifting form for quantity of weight lifted.


Allow ample time to rest and recover between workouts. 

Use the following protocols for the exercises listed. Perform each exercise 2x each workout and perform each workout 3x a week giving your body 1 day rest in between days training. You may stretch before, during and after each exercise and/or stretch on days off. Cardio may be performed after your 60 minutes of progressive weight training or on off days. 


Set is performed at normal speed (2 count push or pull, 4 count resist) rep whereby every sixth rep the lifter performs a six second concentric (push or pull) and a six second eccentric (resist) rep. 


Set is performed using a 2 count push or pull and a 2 count resistance rep.

CRAZY EIGHTS-Single set whereby each rep is performed by doing a normal speed (2 count push or pull) concentrically, holding isometrically for 8 seconds, and lowering eccentrically (4 count resist) at normal speed.

POSITIVELY NEGATIVE set whereby first 5 reps are lifted in a 10 second concentric (push or pull) followed by a “normal speed” (2 second count) eccentric (resistance) rep. After completing half the number (5) reps they are performed vise versa. Please be slow and relentless.



Life Fitness Machine Leg Press

Six Shooter Protocol

Muscles worked: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus (major), Abs (secondary)

Adjust seat so knees are about ninety degrees. Keep feet shoulder width apart. Keep knees in line with shoulders. Push off the whole foot to engage Quads, Glutes & Hamstrings. Do not lock out knees at top of movement. Keep back against back rest and do not arch back.


Hip Abductors on Mat (H)

(Six Shooter Protocol)

Muscles worked: Outer Thigh (major), Glutes (secondary)

Lie down on side lying position, rest head on floor or arm. Bend bottom leg. Keep top leg straight throughout.

(2) 1 pound ankle weight x 18 reps

(Positively Negative Protocol)

(Ten/Tens Protocol)

2 pound ankle weights x 10 reps

Single Leg Bridge on Mat with Bosu (H)

(Six Shooter Protocol)

(Ten/Tens Protocol)

Muscles worked: Glutes (major), Hamstring, Low Back, Abs (secondary)

Lie down on mat supine (face up) position. Place right foot on Bosu. Elevate left leg next to right knee. Keep left leg straight throughout. Push off right foot (mostly pushing off heel) elevating hips. Do not swing left leg.

1 pound ankle weight x 18 reps

Double Leg Bridge (H)

(5 Tens/5 Rest Protocol)

15 pound Dumbbell 

Seated Leg Curl

(Crazy 8 Protocol)

65 pounds x 8 reps

Straight Leg Dead Lift

(Six Shooter Protocol)

Keep Legs straight throughout

(2) 10 pound DB's x 18 reps

Kettlebell Figure 8 Pass Thru

(Manual Speed Protocol)

15 pound KB x 15 

Dead Lift

(Manual Speed Protocol)

45 pound Olympic bar x 15 reps


Life Fitness Machine Chest Press 

Six Shooter Protocol

Muscles worked: Pec/Chest (major), Tricep, Shoulders (secondary)

Keep elbows up.

Feel a stretch across the chest muscles on each repetition. This will designate how far you should bring the handles in toward the chest each repetition. Make sure your  lower back is against the back rest and you are sitting up straight.

Settings: Adjust seat so handles are between chin and center of chest when performing movement.

Range of Motion: Adjust so you are comfortably able to grab handles when starting exercise.

15 pounds x 12 reps

Make sure your  lower back is against the back rest and you are sitting up straight.

(Positively Negative Protocol)

30 pounds x 10 reps

Dumbbell Fly on Flat Bench

(Six Shooter Protocol)

Start with DB's directly over chest, elbows slightly bent. Lower Db's down to the side until you feel a stretch across both pectoral muscles. Keep elbows back & locked in the bent position throughout.

10 pound DB's x 12 reps

Assisted Dip

(Manual Speed Protocol)

80 pounds x 15 reps

Clap Push up off Smith Machine Bar

(Manual Speed Protocol)

Adjust bar waist height (Change height to make the movement more challenging when you master the original bar height.

15-20 reps

TRX Chest Press (H)

(Manual Speed Protocol)

15 reps

Dumbbell Chest Press on Flat Bench (Right , Left, Both-Add 1's) Add one rep to each both reps.

(Manual Speed Protocol)

10 pound DB's x 5 reps

Upper Back

Life Fitness Assisted Chin Up Machine

Manual Speed Protocol

Muscles worked: Latissimus Dorsi, Upper Rhomboids (major) Biceps, shoulders, forearms (secondary)

Extend/stretch arms to full extension each rep to get the most range of motion and resistance on the muscles worked.

Wide Grip: 110 pounds x 15 rep

TRX Inverted Row (Short strap length) (H)

Six Shooter Protocol

Muscles worked: Upper Rhomboids, Latissimus Dorsi (major) Biceps, Core, Shoulders, Forearms (secondary).

Face wall/door/mirror inverted (hanging up) at a slight angle (the deeper the angle the harder the exercise, use your ability, adjust as you go), grip handles palms down, pull yourself up (slow controlled) toward the ceiling/wall keeping your body straight from your neck to ankles and turning your handles inward, when you have reached the top, descend back down to the starting position extending your arms straight on each rep and turning the handles back to palm down position on each rep. Muscles worked upper back, biceps, core, shoulders. Progress with this exercise by increasing the angle your body is positioned in.

12 reps

Cable Row at BSFC (Berwyn Squash)

Machine Row at LA Fitness

(Crazy 8 Protocol)

Keep back straight throughout. Adjust weight accordingly.

50 pounds x 12 reps (Adjust weight accordingly)

(Positively Negative Protocol)

50 pounds x 10 reps

Dumbbell Pullover

(Manual Speed Protocol)

15 pound DB x 15 reps

Dumbbell Row

(Manual Speed Protocol)

15 pound DB x 15 reps each side

Right, Left, Both Protocol (Add 1's)

12 pound DB's x 6 reps


Standing Dumbbell Side Raise

5 pound DB's x 12 reps

(Positively Negative Protocol)

5 pound DB's x 10 reps


3 pound DB's x 6 reps

DB Front Raise on Incline Bench

(Ten/Tens Protocol)

3 pound DB's x 10 reps

DB Rear Deltoid Fly on Incline Bench Face Down

(Ten/Tens Protocol)

3 pound DB's x 10 reps

Dumbbell Overhead Press -  Same/Opposite Elbow to Knee

5 pound DB and 2 pound Ankle Weight each leg x 5 reps each position


Standing Dumbbell Curl

10 pound DB's x 12 reps

(Positively Negative Protocol)

10 pound DB's x 10 reps

Standing Barbell Bicep Curl

(Crazy 8 Protocol)

Bar + 5 pounds x 6 reps

Dumbbell Concentration Curl

(5 Tens/5 Rest Protocol)

8 pound DB's


Cable Push Down

20 pounds x 12 reps

Assisted Dip (Narrow grip)

Manual Speed Protocol

100 pounds x 15 reps

Dips on Flat Bench

Manual Speed Protocol

Keep elbows back, hands shoulder wide apart, keep back against side of bench throughout, bend arms ninety degrees.

15 reps

5 Tens/5 Rest Protocol

Dumbbell Head Crusher

(Manual Speed Protocol)

(2) 6 pound DB's x 15 reps

Right, Left, Both Add 1's Protocol

5 pound DB's x 6 reps

TRX Overhead Tricep Extension (H)

15 reps


Captains Chair Bent Knee Raise

Six Shooter Protocol

Muscles worked: Low abdominal (major), Triceps, Trapezius, Hip Flexors (secondary)

You may readjust your body during movement if you feel like you are starting to slouch or lose upper body position.

12 reps

Decline Sit Ups

Manual Speed Protocol

Muscles worked: Middle Abdominals (major)

Keep arms crossed over chest and touch both elbows to both knees each rep

Target reps: 20  


(Positively Negative Protocol)

0 pounds x 5 reps (2 count push, 10 count resist first. Work up to 10 reps)

Swiss Ball Reverse Butterflys

(Manual Speed Protocol)

Lie down on mat in the supine (face up) position.  Place legs/ankles on top of ball shoulder width apart and keep straight. Swing arms straight back over head then by your side and propel up and try and touch feet.

15 reps (Progress to wrist weights)

Swiss Ball Crunch

(Manual Speed Protocol)

Lie down on mat in the supine (face up) position. Place legs on top of swiss ball bringing ball all the way into your hamstrings keeping legs bent throughout. Keep arms by your side for leverage. Use your heels to secure ball and lower abs to lift ball/knees and bring all the way into chest.

15 reps (Progress to ankle weights)

Cable Crunch

(Manual Speed Protocol)

15 pounds x 15 reps each side

Three Position Crunch on Mat (H)

(Manual Speed Protocol)

15 reps each position=45 total reps

Lower Back


(Six Shooter Protocol)

0 pounds x 12 reps

Prone (Face down on mat) Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg Lift (H)

(Crazy 8 Protocol)

6 reps each side

Superman's on Bench or Floor (H)

(Crazy 8 Protocol)

6 reps (no weight) Progress to ankle/wrist weights.


TRX Single Arm Pull (H)

15 reps each side

Hip Raises on Mat (H)

(Manual Speed Protocol)

Lie down on mat in a side plank position, legs straight, feet stacked. Support your upper body with your elbow. Lift hips off mat as far as your ability allows. Lower to starting position , not touching mat.

6-8 reps each side

Side Lift on Captains Chair

(Manual Speed Protocol)

15 reps each side

Knee Drops on Mat (H)

15 reps each way

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