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Training can be executed at any gym.

Attach/download the following app:
GymNext Flex Timer

Create an 84 second timer.

Here are the instructions for setup:

Click on "Timers"
Create new timer click on "Intervals"
"Tap to setup"
Lower right of screen tap the (+) symbol.
Create the "Work" intervals & the "Rest" intervals as listed below. 
After creating, tap on the icon that looks like a pencil and set name. After setting name, tap on star symbol to save it to your favorites.


Create the following:

Interval #1 - 10 seconds (Work)
Rest 10 seconds 
Interval #2 - 8 seconds(Work)
Rest 8 seconds 
Interval #3 - 6 seconds (Work)
Rest 6 seconds 
Interval #4 - 8 seconds (Work)
Rest 8 seconds 
Interval #5 - 10 seconds (Work)
Rest 10 seconds 


Monster Kick x 5 each leg

Ski Rower x 1 minute

Versa Climber x 30 seconds

Dyno Bike x 1 minute 30 seconds

Round 1
Use the same weight listed for each exercise. If you need to increase or decrease you may. The objective is to challenge yourself with a weight that is manageable yet difficult. 

Exercise #1 - Single leg Bridge 
5 pound ankle weights

Exercise #2 - Dumbell Chest Press 
(2) 20 pound DB'S 

Exercise #3 - Single Arm DB Row
(1) 20 pound DB

Exercise  #4 - DB Side Raise
(2) 5 pound DB'S 

Exercise #5 - Barbell Curl
Load 15 pounds 

Exercise #6 - Cable Tricep Push Down 
Use any attachment 
40 pounds 

Exercise #7 - Abdominal Sit Up 
Use the Decline Bench
Arms crossed over Chest

Exercise #8 - Cable Rotation 
20 pounds

Exercise #9 - Hypertension 
Arms crossed over chest

Everfit workout 9/11/2020

Use Kettlebell for the following movements.

Increase or decrease denomination as needed.

Goal is to perform 3 rounds of the first (4) exercises.

Exercise #1

20 pound KB Squat/Roll/Tuck/Stand x 10

Use mat

Exercise #2

20 pound Kettlebell Figure 8 Pass Thru/High Pull x 15

Exercise #3

17 1/2 pound KB Two Arm Swing/Pull-Push/Rotate x 25
(Rotate 90 degrees after each 5th repetition)

Keep legs slightly bent (do not squat).

Squeeze glutes/straighten legs when KB is at eye level.

Exercise #4

17 1/2 pound KB Two Arm 

Finish with the Kettlebell bottom up. Resist down to chin slowly.
Swing Snatch x 15

Exercise #5

17 1/2 pound KB 
Back Extension/Get Up/Biceps Curl/Overhead Press/Behind the neck Triceps Press
Start at 1 repetition for each movement. 
Add a repetition until you complete 10 repetitions

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