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Ateeq Training Program 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

#1 - Hoist Leg Extension Machine 
Adjust seat and foot roller pad accordingly. 
The leg extension machine at Everfit is slightly different than Hoist. Both train the Quadriceps. Careful with your ligament with this exercise. 

2 count push, 4 count resist Protocol 
30 pounds x 10 Repetitions x 3 sets
45 seconds to 1 minute between sets.
Challenge yourself and increase the weight on each set. If you cannot finish with heavier weight, lower the weight and finish. 
The 10th repetition of each set should be difficult on all exercises. Document/Journal your weight so you have a record of each workout. 

I don't see a flat bench in any of the photos. You will have to use Hoist Chest Press Machine. At Everfit you trained with DB'S and Barbell.

#2 - Hoist Chest Press 
Adjust seat so upper handles are between chin and nipples. Keep your elbows up throughout. Keep low back flat against back rest. Do not arch back. 

2 count push, 4 count resist Protocol 
30 pounds x 10 Repetitions, 3 sets.
Increase weight each set.
45 seconds to 1 minute between sets.

Upper Back 
#3 - Hoist Pull Down Machine 
Adjust seat so your knees are snug against the pads. Hold attachment handle overhand/wide. Pull bar to chin level. Do not lean back. Fully extend arms each repetition. 
2 count pull, 4 count resist Protocol 
30 pounds x 10 Repetitions, 3 sets. 
Increase weight each set. 
46 seconds to 1 minute rest between sets. 

#4 - Standing DB Press
At Everfit you trained with a barbell for this exercise. Since the photos do not show barbells available, use Dumbbells. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Do not arch your back. Bring the DB'S dow to ear level. Press DB'S OVERHEAD bringing both DB'S together at the top of the movement fully extending arms.

2 count push, 4 count resist Protocol 

(2) 5 pound DB'S x 10 repetitions, 3 sets.
Try and increase each set.

#5 - Standing DB Curl
Right, Left, Both Protocol (Regular Speed)

(2) 10 pound DB'S, 3 sets.
Hold both DB'S, palms in, arms extended straight at your side. Keep elbows at your side when curling. Do not bring elbows forward. 
Curl the Right DB up and down
Curl the Left DB up and down
Curl Both DB'S up and down
Do this 5 times.
After 5, Curl both DB'S up and down 10 times.

#6 - Hoist Multi Purpose Cable Machine 
Use one side of the cable pulley system. 
Make sure pulley is all the way up and locked. Find a straight bar attachment. 
Keep your elbows by you side. Do not lean forward. Start with forearms parallel to floor. Push down until arms are fully extended. 

2 count push, 4 count resist Protocol 

30 pounds x 10 Repetitions, 3 sets.
Increase weight each set. 

#7 - Leg Lift 
At Everfit you trained on a bench. Since there is no bench in photos, perform on floor. 
2 count push, 4 count resist Protocol. 
Lie down on floor face up. Keep both legs straight. Lift both legs up until vertical. Lower both legs just above floor, not touching. 
No weight x 10 reps. 3 sets. 

October 5, 2021


Split Routine 

Legs & Chest

Sled Leg Press 
50 pounds x10 reps
60 pounds x10 reps

70 pounds x10 reps

Smith Machine Chest Press
All weight shown is what is loaded to bar (25 pounds)
32.5 pounds x 10 reps
37.5 pounds x10 reps
42.5 pounds x10 reps

Leg Extension

40 pounds x10 reps
50 pounds x10 eps
60pounds x 10 reps

Single Leg Curl 

12.5 pounds x10 reps
15 pounds x10 reps
17.5 pounds x10 reps

Hurricane Machine Chest Press
Dead lift press
All regular speed reps
(Starting weight is approximately 55 pounds

5 pounds x 12 reps
10 pounds x 12 reps
15 pounds x 12 reps

Flat Bench DB Chest Press 
Regular Speed reps
25 pound DB'S x 10 reps
30 pound DB'S x 20 reps

Belt squat
Regular Speed reps
5 pounds x10 reps (Instructional set)
35 pounds x 10 reps

40 pounds x 10 reps

45 pounds x 10 reps 

October 12, 2021
Upper Back & Shoulders 

Pull Down 

Seated Military Shoulder Press
Load 10 x 10
Load 15
Load 20 x10
Load 20x10


Hurricane Seated Military Shoulder Press


0 x 10

0 x 10

0 x 10

Close Grip Stiff Arm Pull Down 

35 pounds x 10

Standing DB Side Raise 
8 pound DB'sx 10

DB Row

Barbell Upright Row
25x 10

Prone Cable Pullover on floor r/s



October 14, Everfit

Biceps & Triceps

Standing barbell curl 2/4


Barbell head crush 2/4

Seated incline bench DB Curl RS
12pound DB x10
15'sx9 (to failure)

Cable push down rs

DB concentration curl on Incline Bench 2/4
15x9 right, 7 reps left arm 

Hurricane Machine dips rs

Hack Squat Close Grip Triceps Press r/s




October 21, 2021

Split Routine, Core Training

Abdominals, Low Back, Obliques

Roman Chair Sit ups (2/4 = Two count push or pull, 4 count resist)
5 pounds x 10 repetitions
7.5 pound DB x 10

Hyperextension Device Side Pull (R/S = Regular Speed)
5 x 10 no/twist
8 pounds x10 no twist 

Floor Pointer Dogs r/s
3# ankle weigh & 1 pound DB  x 10
3# ankle weight & 2 pound DB x 10

Single leg alternating lifts r/s
15 each way
Cross over sizzors
15 each way

Cable rotation 2/4
25  x10
30 x 10

Hyper extension 2/4
5 x 10
8 x 10

Bottom position get up r/s
8 pound KB x 10
10 pound KB x 10

Hip raise on floor r/s
0 x 10
0 x 10

Dual Cable back extension 2/4
42.5 x 10
45 x 10

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