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Stretches Can be done every day at home.

#1 - Supine (face up) Scorpion on Floor

Start lying face up on mat with arms straight out to the side, palms down, right leg straight in the air, and left leg straight and on the floor. Lower (15 second count down) the right leg down aiming toward the left hand. Keep both legs straight and both shoulders on the mat. Hold 30 seconds. Switch. 

3 reps each side

#2 - Hurdle, Butterfly, Straight Leg, Split

with or without Resistance Band

Hold each position 30 seconds.


Before sitting on mat, grab both handles of the band you will use to stretch with. Band should be secure to wall or solid fixture. Seated on a mat, get into a right leg hurdle position (right leg straight, left leg bent, left foot on inside of inner thigh. Reach out and touch right toe with both hands using the band to pull you forward. If not using a band, just reach out and touch your tight toe with both hands.


Do the same for the left leg.


Butterfly. Seated on mat, Bend both legs and bring both feet into your groin/inner thigh area with the bottoms of you feet facing each other. Drive you knees to the floor while reaching out over your feet. Use band to pull you forward or if not using band just reach out with both hands over both feet.


Straight Leg. Seated on the floor, legs straight, toes pointed up, reach out and touch both toes with both hands. Use band to pull you forward ot just reach out without band.


Split. Seated on mat, separate both legs as far as you can, reach out and touch each toe with each hand without band or reach out in front with both arms as far as you can with band until you feel inner thigh and hamstring stretch.

Interval Training (Can be performed at home every other day) No break in between exercises

Squat Thrusts x 15

Front Plank (Prone position) x 1 minute

High Knee/Butt Kick x 15 each leg

Side Plank x 30 seconds each side

Overhead Press Opposite Elbow/Opposite Knee x 15 each arm

Mountain Climbers x 50 strides each leg

Overhead Press Same Elbow/Same Knee

Pointer Dogs 15 reps each side




Interval Training (at BSFC) No break in between exercises 

Kettlebell Figure 8 Pass Thru - 10 pound KB x 20 reps each way

TRX Inverted Row x 20 reps

Kettlebell High Pull - 10 Pound KB x 20 reps

TRX Chest Press x 20 reps

Kettlebell Overhead Press KB to Knee Alternating - 10 pound KB x 20 reps

TRX Standing Roll Out x 20 reps



Strength Training (at BSFC) 1 minute break in between exercises)

Max Set Protocol

Leg extension 

25 pounds x 1 minute hold

15 pounds x 8 reps


LF Chest Press

25 pounds x 1 minute hold

10 pounds x 6 reps


LF Cable Pull Down

50 pounds x 1 minute hold

35 pounds x 6 reps


LF Shoulder Press

15 pounds x 1 minute hold

10 pounds x 6 reps


Standing DB Hammer Curl

(2) 8 pound DB's x 1 minute hold

(2) 5 pound DB's x 6 reps


LF Machine Cable Push Down

25 pounds x 1 minute hold

20 pounds x 6 reps


Captains Chair Bent Knee Raise

No weight x 1 minute hold

No weight x 6 reps


Hyper Extension

5 pounds x 1 minute hold

0 pounds x 6 reps


Knee Drops on Mat

No weight x 15 reps each side (regular speed)


Cardio Boxing 

Obliques (Side Pulls)

Hyper Extension

Decline Sit Ups

Standing Drills

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