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Dynamic Stretching

Pre Squash Stretch #1

TRX Standing Roll Out

Standing Roll Out (L) Face forward away from wall/mirror at a slight angle (the deeper the angle the harder the exercise, adjust angle as you go). Grip handles, palms down directly across from eye level, keep arms straight from handles to shoulders, keep elbows shoulder width apart. Keep body straight then lower (slow controlled) your hips forward first (slightly arching your lower back). {IMPORTANT TO LOWER HIPS FIRST} Then raise your arms (keep arms straight) up just above above head level,  (slightly arch your lower back), when you have reached your limit on the movement forward (after arching your back), push off handles/arms using your core muscles to bring you back to the starting position. Muscles worked, low back, core, shoulders, triceps. 15 reps


Pre Squash Stretch #2

TRX Windmill

Stand away from wall/mirror. Hold TRX handles with arms parallel to floor and slightly lean forward making TRX straps straight with no slack. Bring R. leg forward and bring L. leg back. Rotate your upper body in both directions keeping arms 180 degrees apart and straight throughout. 10 rotations each way. Switch leg positions.

Pre Squash Stretch #3

Supine (face up) Scorpion on Floor WITH RESISTANCE GREEN BAND

Lie on floor (Supine Position-Face up) with band around waist. Place right foot inside of band and raise leg straight up off floor while keeping other leg on floor. Pull band/right leg in toward your chest. Both legs remain straight throughout stretch. Hold 30 seconds.

Then hold both bands with right hand. Pull band with right leg to the right side down toward floor with left arm out to the side and shoulders on mat and hold for 30 seconds. Switch

Bring right leg up. Change grip. Hold both bands with left hand. Bring right leg all the way down across body toward left side with right arm out to the right side, shoulders on the mat. Hold 30 seconds

You may perform the following stretches every other day.

Prone (face down) Scorpion

Start lying face down on mat with arms straight out to the side, palms down, right leg bent 90 degrees, left straight and on the mat. Lift the right leg up and across your body aiming it toward the left hand. Keep left leg straight and both shoulders on the mat. Hold 30 seconds.

3 repetitions. Switch


Floor Bridge Knee Hug/Bridge Straight Leg

Start face up on mat with legs bent and both feet on the mat. Push off both heels raising hips up to a bridge position. Bring/pull/hug  right knee in toward chest, hold 5 seconds. Release and touch hips and right heel to floor. Bridge again lifting both hips, lift right leg up to straight position and pull in toward chest, pull with one hand above knee and with the other hand push below the knee (object is to get leg as straight as possible). Hold 5 seconds, release, repeat. 

3 repetitions. Switch.

Walking Inch Worms

Start in a front plank position, straight arms and body straight from neck to ankle. Keep legs straight and arms straight shoulder width apart. Take small 1 inch steps with each foot alternating steps toward your hands. When you reach the point where you cannot perform any more steps without bending legs, stop. Walk hands forward with small hand steps until you are in the original starting/front plank position. 5 reps


Hurdle, Butterfly, Straight Leg, Split

with Resistance Band

Hold each position 30 seconds.


Before sitting on mat, grab both handles of the band you will use to stretch with. Band should be secure to wall or solid fixture. Seated on a mat, get into a right leg hurdle position (right leg straight, left leg bent, left foot on inside of inner right thigh. Reach out and let band pull you forward. Try and touch right toe with both hands holding the band handles while you are pulled forward. 


Note: If not using a band, just reach out and touch your right toe with both hands. Switch.


Butterfly. While still grasping band handles and seated on mat, bend both legs and bring both feet into your groin/inner thigh area with the bottoms of you feet facing each other. Drive you knees to the floor while reaching out over your feet letting the band pull you forward. 


Note: if not using band just reach out with both hands over both feet while driving both knees to floor.


Straight Leg. While still grasping band handles and seated on the floor, extend both legs straight out in front of you on mat, toes pointed up. Let the band pull you forward and reach out and touch both toes with both hands holding band handles. 

Note: if not using band, just reach out to touch toes without band.


Split. While still grasping band handles and seated on mat, separate both legs as far as you can. Let the band pull your body forward. 

Note: If not using band, reach out and touch each toe with each hand without bending legs.


Figure 4 (Use bar for support)

Stand/Balance on left leg, cross right ankle over left knee. Keep arms straight out to side, ear level. Bend Left leg as far as you can lowering to floor and hold for 10 seconds. Stand back up keeping right ankle on left knee. Reach down with left hand and grasp right foot. Lift right foot up as high as you can. Right leg from ankle to knee should be parallel to floor. Hold for 10 seconds. Note: Until you establish balance, you may use right hand to balance near wall or balance bar, otherwise movement should be performed free standing. 3 repetitions. Switch.


Hip Stretch #1

Sit on mat, right leg straight and out in front. Lift left ankle over right knee. Pull left knee into right shoulder. Hold 30 seconds. 3 repetitions. Switch.


Hip Stretch #2

Sit on mat with left leg straight out in front of you. Bend right leg and bring right foot in towards groin touching inner left thigh. Lift left leg and bring left ankle over right knee.

Push left knee down towards floor. Hold 30 seconds. 3 repetitions. Switch.

IT Band Stretch

Lie down on mat side lying on right side. Grab left ankle (not foot) with left hand and pull in towards left glute. Lift left knee up then touch left foot to floor behind your right leg. Lift your right leg and place right foot/ankle on top of left knee. Push down towards floor. Hold 30 seconds. Switch.


Calf Stretch/Achilles Stretch

Place R. foot against wall with toe pointed up. The higher the foot placement, the more stretch you will feel. Keep leg straight and bring body forward until you feel the calf engaged. Hold 30 seconds. 

Bend R. leg and push body weight to the middle of your R. foot. Hold 30 seconds. 



Glute/Outer Thigh Stretch against wall

Sit with hips against wall. Rotate and lift legs straight up wall. Bend right leg, and place bottom of right foot against wall while lifting hips. Cross left ankle over right knee. Push left knee toward wall and lower hips. Hold 30 seconds. Switch.

Farmer Walk for Calf's and Tibua

Walk 2 lengths of the Multi Purpose Fitness Room with both toes pointed up and both legs straight. Take small 1 inch steps with your heels.

Walk 2 lengths with you heels elevated keeping both legs straight. Tip toe with small 1 inch steps.

Progress both exercises by carrying two Dumbbell's. Pick a weight that you can handle.


Low Back/Hip/Oblique Stretch

Lie down on mat in the Supine (face up) position. Place arms out to the side, palms down. Keep both legs bent with both feet on top of mat, bottom of feet down. Bring both knees down to the right side keeping both feet stacked on top of each other. Touch bottom knee to mat, keep both knees together and keep shoulders on mat. 

Hold 30 seconds. Switch

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