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Carolann D. Training at Planet Fitness Day #2

Use the following protocol for all the exercises listed:

Protocol #1

(10/10’s Protocol)

10 second push or pull, 10 second resist. 

Please do not touch weight stack with the weight when you are performing all movements. Stay 1 inch away.


Perform each exercise 2x



Exercise #1

Life Fitness Hip Seated Leg Press Machine

Sit on seat.

To adjust seat, lift the lever below the hand grip on the left side. Try not to put too much pressure on foot pad when adjusting seat with the lever. 

After sitting on seat, bring seat in closer to feet pad until you legs are bent ninety degrees. Feet placement on foot pad, shoulder width apart.

25 pounds x 10 reps


Exercise #2

Life Fitness Leg Extension

Make 3 adjustments to this device.

1- Seat back rest position #2

2-Foot Pad (M)

3-Range of Motion #11 

25 pounds x 10 reps


Exercise #3

Life Fitness Leg Curl

Make 3 adjustments to this device.

1- Seat back rest position #2

2-Foot Pad (L)

3-Range of Motion (Pad all the way up)

Bring lap pad down tight on your legs to hold you in position and give you leverage. Make sure lap pad is not on your knee cap. 

25 pounds x 10 reps



Exercise #4

Life Fitness Machine Shoulder Press

Adjust seat to position #5

Use Front handles keep elbows out.

Do not bring handles past ear level when performing. Extend arms straight above at top of movement.

10 pounds (Put pin in top plate, Select “0” on weight dial) x 10 reps



Exercise #5

Life Fitness Tricep Press Machine

Adjust seat to position #3

Adjust handle position to wide. Just turn both handles outward. When starting on this exercise, place both hands (palms down) on handles. Push with heels of hands and press weight down as you sit down keeping arms straight. Proceed with movement keepng elbows pointed straight back.



Exercise #6

Life Fitness Bicep Curl Machine

Adjust seat all the way up. This is the exercise which may require you to stand up. Make sure your arm from your arm pit to your elbow is flat against the pad. You may secure both handles first before starting. 

30 pounds x 10 reps



Exercise #7 

AbCoaster Machine

Regular speed protocol (Controlled) No 10/10’s Protocol

There are two adjustments on this device. Adjust handle to the lowest position. Knee pad should be Straight forward for abdominal exercise. Knee pad can be rotated to the Right  and to the Left when performing this exercise for the Oblique muscle.

10 pounds x 15 repetitions each pad position



Exercise #8

Life Fitness Back Extension Machine

There are two adjustments for this device.

Adjust foot post to position closest to you when seated on device, Adjust Range of Motion to a position forward that will give you maximum movement. 

60 pounds x 10 reps



Exercise #9 

Life Fitness Torso Rotation Machine

Adjust Handle Pad to position #1

Adjust pad to perform each side of Oblique muscle.

45 pounds x 10 reps each side 

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