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Lower Back

Pointer Dog 
Knee Drop on foam/mat
Superman on Bench/Mat
Kneeling KB or DB Lift/Extension (Prone)
Stability Ball Prone Single Leg Lift 
Stability Ball Giant Hyper Extension (Prone)
Stability Ball Opposite Arm/Leg Lift (Prone)
Stability Ball Roll Out (Standing)
Stability Ball Short/Long Plank (Prone)
Stability Ball Hyper Extension w/Twist
Short/Long Plank Mat (Prone)
Short/Long Plank Get Up
TRX Roll Out Standing/Kneeling 
TRX Windmill 
TRX Plank (Prone)

Barbell/Dumbbell/Trap Bar Bent Knee Dead Lift 

Cable Low Back Extension
Hyper Extension (Roman Chair)
Hyper Extension (Hyper Extension Device)
KB Vertical Clean
Standing KB Around your Body 
Kneeling Roll Out (Dolly/Wheel)
Cat Stretch (Prone)
Cat Stretch Twist 
Disk Opposite Hand/Knee Touch on Forearms (Prone)

Roman Chair Hyper Extension


Stability Ball Sit Up (Supine)
Reverse Plank on Push up Handle (Supine)
Reverse Plank TRX (Supine)
Stability Ball Reverse Butterfly (Supine)
KB Bottom Position Get Up (Supine)

KB Overhead Chest Press Sit Ups Side to Side
KB Clams

Hanging Bent Knee/Leg Raise
Kneeling Cable Crunch
6 On/6 Hold Crunch/Crossover/Alternating Leg Lift 
(3) Position Crunch
Single Leg Lift on Mat (Supine)
Opposite Arm/Leg Touch on Mat (Supine)
Russian KB Twist 
Medicine Ball Sit Up/Wall Slam
Olympic Bar/Landmine Walk Ups
Dolly Reverse Curl (Supine)
Disk Mountain Climber

Cable Knee to Chest

Roman Chair Sit Ups

Bear Crawl Plank

Get Up (Short Plank to Long Plank)

Hip Raise side plank position 
Hip Raise side plank w/twist 
Side Plank Hold

Kneeling/Standing band/cable Rotation (low, middle, high) Single Arm
Kneeling/Standing Rip Trainer Rotation (low, middle, high)

Olympic Bar Landmine Bar Rotation 
Stability ball side pull
Standing KB Side Pull
Side Pull on Hyper Extension Device 
Side Pull on Roman Chair 
TRX Side Twist/Rotation 

Cable Side Pull

Roman Chair Side Sit Ups

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