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Jack B. Hockey Training

TRX Exercises

Squat Jumps (holding straps) x 25 reps

Lunge Jumps (holding straps) x 10 each leg

Forward Lunging Fly/with Twist (holding straps) x 10 each leg

(twist toward front leg)

Single Arm Power Pull x 20 each side with 2 pound wrist weights

Crunch to Pike (feet in straps) x 12 each movement

Crossing Rear Balance Lunge (holding straps-touch/no touch) x 15 each leg

Single Leg Burpee (foot in  both straps) x 15 each leg

Single Arm Push Up/Row (single strap/hand) x 10 each arm in strap

Single Arm Row/Dumbbell (10 pound) Overhead Press (from floor) x 15 each arm

Standing Shuffle Knee Kicks x 1 minute

Stick Handling/Hopping on Step Riser (single foot strap) x 15 each leg

Rip Slap Shot (use band) x 15 (plus back hand)

Single Leg Squat Pull In x 15 each leg

Triple Pivot Bocu

10 each side

Kettlebell Dead Lift 

55 pounds x 20 reps

Kettlebell Squat, Curl, Overhead Press, Tricep Extension add 1's

20 pound KB x 8 reps

Kettlebell Lunge Pass Thru

20 pounds x 12 each leg

Triple Threat Push up

Feet on bench = 40

Hands on bench = 11

Floor = 3

Cable Glute Kick Back

1 Minute

25 pounds

Cable Hamstring Curls

1 Minute

30 pounds

Trampoline Step Over x 1 minute

Glide Slide x 1 minute

Monster Kick w/ankle & wrist weight x 10 each leg

High Knee/Butt Kick w/ankle & wrist weight x 20 each side

Tuck/Roll Hurdle, Butterfly, Straight Leg, Split


Tuck/Roll/Hurdle/Butterfly/Straight Leg/Split

Hold first two sets for 10 seconds, Last two sets, no hold.

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