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Navy Seal Protocol

Day #2

Chest, Upper Back, Legs

Perform all exercises and repetitions to their entirety.

You may perform 2x per week. No 2 days in a row.

Exercises are as follows:

Slightly Inclined Bench Dumbbell Chest Press, 8 pound DB's.

Use any Bench. Slightly incline bench. Make sure your low back is flat against, do not arch. Start with both DB's held over chest. Lower both DB's down and slightly angle them wider than your torso to give you resistance across your chest. Press back up slightly angling both DB's together at top of movement, without touching.

Life Fitness Pull Down Machine (35 pounds)

Set the knee pad to the lowest setting.

Grip the bar wide on the angled part of the bar, overhand.

Bench Squat holding (2) 5 pound DB's. To perform this movement, sit on the end of any flat bench. Place feet/toes in front of your  knees. Hold both DB's by your side, arms straight. Stand while lifting weight. Try to push off the whole foot. Lower back down to a seated position on the end of the bench on each repetition.

You may increase or decrease weight according to level of endurance on any of these exercises.

Set 1: 1 DB Chest Press, 2 Pull Downs, 3 Bench Squats
Set 2: 2 DB Chest Presses, 4 Pull Downs, 6 Bench S

Set 3: 3 DB Chest Presses, 6 Pull Downs, 9  Bench Squats

Set 4: 4 DB Chest Presses, 8 Pull Downs, 12 Bench Squats

Set 5: 5 DB Chest Presses, 10 Pull Downs, 15 Bench Squats

Set 6: 6 DB Chest Presses, 12 Pull Downs, 18 Bench Squats

Set 7: 7 DB Chest Presses, 14 Pull Downs, 21 Bench Squats

Set 8: 8 DB Chest Presses, 16 Pull Downs, 24 Bench Squats

Set 9: 9 DB Chest Presses, 18 Pull Downs, 27 Bench Squats

Set 10: 10 DB Chest Presses, 20 Pull Downs, 30 Bench Squats

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