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Janice L. Training

Navy Seal Protocol 

Day 3

Abdominal, Low Back, Obliques

Movement #1 - Hip Raises on Mat (No weight)

Start in a side lying position on mat, Right side down. Keep body/legs straight from neck to ankle. Stack both feet on top of each other. Place R. Forearm on mat directly below R. shoulder. Push off R. forearm until your hips are elevated off mat. Lower down to starting position without touching mat. Switch sides after completing set.

Movement #2 - Supermans on Flat Bench (1) ankle weight each leg

Lie down prone position (face down) on bench.  Keep arms and legs straight. Touch floor with hands and feet. Lift arms and legs straight up as far as your ability allows. Lower back down to floor, touching floor with hands and feet.

Movement #3 - Knee Drops on Mat with (1) ankle weight each leg.

Lie down on mat in the Supine (face up) position. Place arms out to the side, palms down. Bring both knees into chest, elevate feet higher than knees. Bring both knees and feet down to the right side (without touching floor) keeping both feet stacked on top of each other. Reverse the position and perform the same on the other side. This completes 1 repetition. Important not to touch floor with feet or knees and leave both shoulders on mat.

Set 1: 1 Hip Raise each side, 2 Supermans on Flat Bench, 3 Knee Drops
Set 2: 2 Hip Raises each side, 4 Supermans on Flat Bench, 6 Knee Drops
Set 3: 3 Hip Raises each side, 6 Supermans on Flat Bench, 9 Knee Drops
Set 4: 4 Hip Raises each side, 8 Supermans on Flat Bench, 12 Knee Drops
Set 5: 5 Hip Raises each side, 10 Supermans on Flat Bench, 15 Knee Drops
Set 6: 6 Hip Raises each side, 12 Supermans on Flat Bench, 18 Knee Drops
Set 7: 7 Hip Raises each side, 14 Supermans on Flat Bench, 21 Knee Drops
Set 8: 8 Hip Raises each side, 16 Supermans on Flat Bench, 24 Knee Drops
Set 9: 9 Hip Raises each side, 18 Supermans on Flat Bench, 27 Knee Drops
Set 10: 10 Hip Raises each side, 20 Supermans on Flat Bench, 30 Knee Drops

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