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Exercises for home using (2) 4 pound and 8 pound DB'S 

Use the following protocol for the exercises listed:

Protocol #1- Regular Speed Controlled Repetitions 

Protocol #2 - 12/12's
12 regular speed controlled repetitions followed by holding the 12th repetition in the most difficult position for 12 seconds. Goal is to complete 5 consecutive sets without a break or rest.

Protocol #3 - Crazy 8's
2 count push or pull, 8 count hold (in the most difficult position, 4 count resist. 

Exercise #1
TRX Chest Press x 15 (Protocol #1)
Since you don't have a TRX to use, please perform 15 Push Ups. Start on your toes, finish on your knees. Objective is to complete 15 without kneeling. 

Upper Back/Biceps 
Exercise #2
Single Arm Dumbbell Row (Protocol #1)
Use your couch or something you can kneel and support your body on.
8 pound DB x 15 repetitions each side

Exercise #3
Overhead Press Elbow to Knee (Protocol #1)
Start with your R. arm overhead, palm facing out. Bring your R. elbow down and your R. knee up and touch, turning the DB/palm in towards you. 
4 pound DB & 2 pound ankle weight 
10 repetitions each arm

Exercise #4
8 pound Dumbbell Curl 
Protocol #2
Use a hammer or palms in grip. Keep your elbows by your side. Twist the DB'S up at the top of the movement and squeeze your Biceps. 3 sets

Exercise #5
Dumbbell Head Crusher 
Protocol #2
Lie down face up. Hold DB above chest arms straight. Lower DB down towards Forehead bending the arms from your elbow to your wrist. Keep your arm straight from your shoulder to your elbow. After 12 reps, hold DB right above forehead. 
(1) 8 pound DB x 3 sets

Exercise #6
Dips for Triceps 
Use two protocols 
Protocol #1 x 15 repetitions 
Protocol #3 x 4 repetitions 
Perform on a chair or steps.

Exercise #7
Abdominals (Protocol #1)
Video #26 
Hip Raises 

Exercise #8
Single Leg Lift for Low Abs/Core/Hip Flexor & Quad
Lie down face up. Keep leg straight. After 12 repetitions, hold 6 inches off floor. 
(Protocol #2)
2 pound ankle weight x 3 sets

Exercise #9
Triceps Close Grip Press 
(Protocol #1)
(2) 8 pound DB'S x 15 repetitions


Exercise #10
Single Leg Lift
Face down on a mat. Lift R. leg (keep straight, point toe) up. After 12 repetitions hold 6 inches off floor. 
(Protocol #2)
3 sets

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