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Perform each stretch to your range of motion and pain tolerance. Hold each stretch a minimum of 30 seconds to get full benefit. 

#1 - Forward Lunge Lean/Reach/Twist on mat

Hold each position 10 seconds.


From the lunge position

Right leg out in front (keep right toe in front of right knee), Kneel on left knee.

Arms by your side.

(Lean forward keeping body from your waist to your head vertical. Push chest outward. You should feel your left hip flexor/inner thigh stretched. 


Raise both arms overhead while leaning back

looking up and back and arching back slightly.

You should feel your low back, shoulders and core.


Bring right arm down to the inside of your

right thigh. Bring left arm up and twist to

the left. You should feel this stretch across

your lower/middle back and obliques. Switch.

3 sets each leg

#2 - IT Band/Quad Stretch

Lie down on mat side lying on right side. Head all the way down on mat. Grab left ankle (not foot) with left hand and pull in towards left glute. You should feel this stretch in the left quadricep. Hold 30 seconds. Release some of the pressure/grip on the left ankle and lift your right ankle and place on top of left knee. You should feel this stretch in the IT Band (from the left hip to the left knee). Hold 30n seconds. Switch.

1 set each leg

#3 - Standing Airplane, Field-Goal, Scarecrow, Wings

Rotator Cuff Exercise

Use (2) 3/4 pound hand weights for this exercise. You may progress to 1 pound wrist weights when ready.

Use slow movement. The slower the better.

Airplane (raise arms out to the side, straight, parallel to floor)


Field-Goal (bring arms straight back behind you, then sweep down by your side and raise all the way up to a referee’s field-goal position.




Rotate (rotate HANDS 180 degrees forward, keep elbows up, rotate back to scarecrow position) 

Rotate elbows inward attempting to touch both together. Rotate back to scarecrow position.


Wings (place hands behind head, elbows bent, push elbows back squeezing the shoulder blades together) Bring elbows front, then bring arms out to the airplane position and down by your side. 

8 reps 


#4 - Standing Single Leg Swing (using bar against wall)

Hamstring Stretch

Start away from bar, arms length. Balance on right leg (keep straight). Lean upper body forward while lifting left leg back and reach with both arms out in front until holding bar with both hands. The higher the left leg the more stretch you will feel across the right hamstring. Hold 30 seconds.  Switch. 

3 sets each leg

#5 - Cat Stretch/Reach and Extend

Start on mat face down on both hands and kneeling on both knees. Keep arms straight. Arch back. Hold 30 seconds. Reach with right arm underneath left arm close to the floor as far as you can reach to the left. Bring right arm back while placing right hand behind head while twisting right elbow upward.

10 reps. Switch

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