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Set whereby first 5 reps are lifted in a 10 second concentric (push or pull) followed by a “normal speed” (2 second count) eccentric (resistance) rep. After completing half the number (5) reps they are performed vise versa.

Exercise #1

Hip Abductor on Mat (Can be performed at home with or without ankle weights)

Side lying position, bend bottom leg, keep top leg straight.

Lift top leg, do not touch or rest on descent.

1 pound ankle weight

10 second up, 2 second down x 5 reps

2 second up, 10 second down x 5 reps

Exercise #2

Life Fitness Machine Chest Press

Keep elbows up.

25 pounds x 10 reps

Exercise #3

Life Fitness Machine Pull Down

Wide Overhand Grip on bar

45 pounds x 10 reps

Exercise #4

Abdominal Crunch on Hyper Extension Device

Adjust pad to height comfortable to support your body facing up/out

Cross both arms over front of chest

Descend back engaging abs

0 pound x 10 reps

Exercise #5

Single Leg Bridge on Mat (Can be performed at home)

Manual Speed Protocol

Lie face up on mat, cross R. ankle over L. knee.

Push off left heel raising hips/Glutes off mat

Do not rest or touch mat on descent.

6 reps on, 6 reps hold all the way up x 10 reps 


Exercise #6

Hip Raise on Mat (Can be performed at home)

Manual Speed Protocol

Side lying position, R. side down

Make sure R. elbow is directly below R. shoulder

Stack both feet/legs

Lift hip off mat as far as you can

Descent back down to mat, not touching

10 reps each side

Exercise #7

Side Pull on Hyper Extension Device

Manual Speed Protocol

Adjust pad so you are full supported when positioning your body in the side position on device.

Keep legs straight throughout

Exercise #8

Bent Knee Raise (Captains Chair)

Manual Speed Protocol

No weight

15 reps

Exercise #9

Hip Adductors {Inner Thigh} (Can be performed at home)

Lie back on mat, face up, arms out to the side, legs straight up above chest.

1 pound ankle weight each leg

Separate legs (10 count out). Bring legs back together (2 count in).


Bring legs together (10 count in). Separate legs (2 count out)

Exercise #10

Pointer Dogs on Mat {Low Back} (Can be performed at home)

Position your body on mat face down, straight arms and kneeling. Lift R. arm out in front until parallel to floor while lifting L. leg until parallel to floor. Pause. Bring R. elbow and L. knee down and touch underneath your  upper torso. Switch.

No weight x 15 reps each side

Exercise #10

Knee Drops on Mat Face Up

Manual Speed Protocol

Arms out to the side

Bring knees into chest

Elevate feet

Bring both knees down to one side, do not touch mat

Bring both knees back up to center, then bring them down to other side not touching mat

0 pounds x 15 reps each side


Supine (face up) Scorpion on Floor (Can be performed at home)

Start lying face up on mat with arms straight out to the side, palms down, right leg straight in the air, and left leg straight and on the floor. Lower (15 second count down) the right leg down aiming toward the left hand. Keep both legs straight and both shoulders on the mat. Hold 30 seconds. Switch.

Exercise #11

Life Fitness Machine Leg Press

6 seconds reps, 6 seconds rest

50 pounds


Exercise #12

Standing Squats  (Can be performed at home)

6 reps, 6 second rest

No weight

50 abdominal crunches on floor/mat face up

50 (each side) Hip Abductors (Outer Thigh) on floor/mat side lying 

50 (each side) Hip Adductors (Inner Thigh) on floor/mat face up, legs straight up above chest.

50 Single Leg Bridges (Glutes) on floor face up.

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