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30 pound DB 


DB Dead Lift Squat (touch floor) x 20

DB Chest Press (R, L, Both, Add 1 rep to each rep) x 6

Single Arm DB Row (12/12’s) Alternating x 3 Sets each 

DB Overhead Push Press x 10 each arm


Standing DB Curl x 10 (3 Sets) Alternate with TRICEP movement


DB Close Grip Tricep Press (12/12’s) 

DB Abdominal Crunch x 25


10 pound DB

Standing DB Side Raise/Front Raise (Alternating) 10 each

DB Concentration Curl x 20

DB Kick Back with twist x 20

DB Knee Drop x 12 each side

DB Seated Side to Side with feet elevated x 15 each side


Stability Ball


Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg Lift x 15 each side


Ball Rotation (Face Up on Mat) Squeeze ball with feet x 10 each way


Side Lift on Ball for Obliques x 15 each side


Seated Single Leg Lift for Hip Flexor (12/12’s) Work up to 3 Sets each leg


Bocu Ball Push Up to failure

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