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Hurdle, Butterfly, Straight Leg, Split (DID NOT PERFORM WEDNESDAY)

Hold each position 5 seconds.


Seated on a mat, get into a right leg hurdle position (right leg straight, left leg bent, left foot on inside of inner thigh. Reach out and touch right toe with both hands. 


Do the same for the left leg.


Butterfly. Seated on mat, Bend both legs and bring both feet into your groin/inner thigh area with the bottoms of you feet facing each other. Drive you knees to the floor while reaching out over your feet.


Straight Leg. Seated on the floor, legs straight, toes pointed up, reach out and touch both toes with both hands.


Split. Seated on mat, both legs separated as far as you can separate, reach out and touch each toe with each hand at the same time. 


Hamstring Stretch/Inner Thigh Stretch with Resistance Band

Lie on floor (Supine Position-Face up) with band around waist. Place right foot inside of band and raise leg straight up off floor while keeping other leg on floor. Pull band/right leg in toward your chest. Both legs remain straight throughout stretch. Hold 30 seconds.

Then pull band with right leg to the right side down toward floor and hold for 30 seconds.


Get Up on Floor (Core/Chest)

Start in a front plank straight arm position keeping body straight from neck to ankle. Lower your forearms down to floor one at a time. Push back up to straight arm position. Repeat.

3 sets, 12 reps each

Swiss ball Crunch (Middle Abdominal)

Lie down on floor face up arms at your side. Place both legs on top of ball touching ham-strings to ball. Dig heels into ball. Lift ball and bring knees into chest. Lower. Repeat.

3 sets, 20 reps each


Swiss Ball Side Sit Up (Obliques)

Lie down on floor (side lying position) Place left leg in front of ball and the right on top. Keep both legs straight. place right hand behind head with the left arm/elbow on floor. Raise your body up and try to touch your right elbow to your right knee. You may push off left elbow to give yourself more range of motion. Lower/resist back down to floor. Repeat. 3 sets x 12 reps each side.


Swiss Ball Hyper Extension (Low Back)

Place ball slightly away from wall. Drape your body over the ball with your feet touching the wall behind you, feet on floor, legs straight. Place hands behind your head. Lift your body off ball and hyper extend your body towards wall behind you. Lower back down to ball. Repeat. 

3 sets x 15 reps each


Inner/Outer Thigh/Glute

1 minute On/15 second off Protocol 

Download GymNext Flex Timer (I can help you with this) from your mobile device. Program your time as indicated:

Select timer mode: Round

Number of rounds:12

Round Duration:1 minute

Rest Between Rounds:15 seconds

Double Leg Bridge x 1 minute

15 second break

Inner Thigh Adduction x 1 minute

15 second break

Right Outer Thigh Abduction x 1 minute

15 second break 

Left Outer Thigh Abduction

15 second break

Repeat 3x


Surfer Row

Bent Arm Row


Chest Fly

Chest Press

Stiff Arm Pull 

Tricep Extension




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