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Strength Training Overload Protocols

Resistance Guidelines


Strength Training: The Right Way

The goal of the strength training program will be to develop overall muscular strength potentials that is safe, sound, sensible, systematic and applicable to your fitness goals.


Begin each set with a goal to complete the number of repetitions listed. The effort must be increasing for every subsequent repetition.



Each repetition should be performed in a controlled, deliberate manner where the exercise is performed with appropriate level of intensity and with the minimal involvement of momentum.



You should continually contract your target musculature during the raising phase and the lowering phase of each repetition. 


The lowering phase of every repetition should be slower than the raising phase. A suggested guide is to raise the involved limbs up (push or pull) in 2 seconds or at a 2 count and lower (resist) them in 4 seconds or a 4 count.


Flex the muscle momentarily in the mid-range of each exercise when the muscle is in its “fully contracted position.” Then lower the resistance slowly to the starting position. This is the most difficult way to train; however it is the most productive way to train.


When you are able to complete the exercise in proper form for the prescribed number of repetitions, add the appropriate weight (depending on the difficulty of the exercise) appropriate may be as little as 1 pound, yet not greater than 10 pounds and continue to progress. Never sacrifice quality of lifting form for quantity of weight lifted.


Your abdominal muscles are the key to stabilizing your lower back. When your abdominal muscles are relaxed, your back has a tendency to arch. Throughout the pressing movements when lying on your back or seated against a back rest, engage your abdominal muscles by feeling a connection between the lower ribs and the top of your pelvis. Simultaneously feel a connection between your belly button and your spine. To help your abdominal muscles function properly, coordinate your lifting with your breathing. Exhale as you press the weight away from your body, and inhale as you return the weight to the starting position.

If you're muscles are engaged and you still arch your back, you might be lifting too much weight. If the muscles cannot cope with the weight, the other muscles in your lower back kick in to help out. These muscles create the arch in your back. Reduce the weight until you reach an amount that you can lift while maintaining proper form.



Chart your progression, allow ample time to rest and recover between workouts. You should change your workout every 8-10 weeks to prevent overtraining and monotony.


Use the Six Shooter or Manual Speed protocols for the exercises listed. For best results, perform each progressive weight training workout 3x a week a “minimum” 60 minutes each day, giving the muscle group trained 1 day rest in between training days. You may stretch before, during and after each exercise and or days off. 


Cardio (THOUGH NOT NECESSARY FOR WEIGHT LOSS) may be performed “after” strength training and/or on off days.


Protocol #1

Six Shooter Protocol


SIX SHOOTERS Set is performed at normal speed (2 count push or pull, 4 count resist) rep whereby every sixth rep the lifter performs a six second concentric (push or pull) and a six second eccentric (resist) rep. Upper torso 12 reps, lower torso, 18 reps.


Protocol #2

10-8-6-8-10 Manual Speed Protocol

MANUAL SPEED Set is performed with a CONTROLLED 2 count push/pull, 2 count resistance repetition.



Exercise #1

Hip Abductors (Outer Thigh)

Six Shooter Protocol

Side lying position on mat.

Botom leg bent, top leg straight.

(1) ankle weight each leg x 18 reps each leg


Exercise #2

Hip Adductors (Inner Thigh)

Six Shooter Protocol 

Lie face up on mat, legs straight up.

Arms by your side.

No weight x 18 reps each leg

Exercise #2a

Straight Leg Dead Lift/Overhead Press

Use 10 pound Medicine Ball

Keep Legs straight, touch toes with ball.

Bring ball back up to chest level. Press ball directly overhead.

10 pound Medicine Ball x 15 reps


Exercise #3

Life Fitness Machine Chest Press

10-8-6-8-10 Manual Speed Protocol

10 pounds x 10 reps

25 pounds x 8 reps

25 pounds (+ one magnet weight) x 6 reps

25 pounds x 8 reps

10 pounds x 10 reps

Exercise #3a

Life Fitness Machine Assisted Dip

Use narrow wide position handle on side of machine

Careful getting on and getting off of knee pad

140 pounds x 10 reps


Upper Back

Exercise #4


Six Shooter Protocol


Inverted Row (S) Face mirror inverted (hanging up) at a slight angle (the deeper the angle the harder the exercise, use your ability, adjust as you go), toes on the line, grip handles palms down, pull yourself up (slow controlled) keeping your body straight from your neck to ankles and turning your handles inward, when you have reached the top, descend back down to the starting position extending your arms straight on each rep and turning the handles back to palm down position on each rep. Muscles worked upper back, biceps, core, shoulders. 15 reps. Move feet closer to wall for more resistance.


Exercise #5

Life Fitness Machine Cable Row

Sit with feet slightly bent, lean all the way forward, pull back keeping back vertical.

10-8-6-8-10 Manual Speed Protocol


40 pounds x 10 reps

45 pounds x 8 reps

50 pounds x 6 reps

45 pounds x 8 reps

40 pounds x 10 reps

Exercise #5a

Life Fitness Machine Assisted Pull Up

Use narrow grip on handle above

Careful getting on and getting off of knee pad

140 pounds x 10 reps


Exercise #6

KNEE DROPS WITH (1) ANKLE WEIGHT on each leg on Mat

Lie down on mat face up. Arms out to the side, straight. 

Bring both knees into chest and elevate both feet 18 inches off mat.

Lower your knees to the left as far as you can go without touching the floor. Bring knees back up to the middle and then lower them down to the right. Alternate side to side for 15 repetitions each side.



Exercise #7

Life Fitness Shoulder Press Machine

Use front handles.

Adjust seat all the way up.

Do not lower handles down past ear level on each rep.


10-8-6-8-10 Manual Speed Protocol


10 pounds x 10 reps

10 pounds  x 8 reps

10 pounds x 6 reps

10 pounds x 8 reps

10 pounds x 10 reps


Exercise #8

Standing Dumbbell Curls

Stand with feet shoulder width apart.

Hold both DB’s with palms in.

Keep elbows back throughout.

10-8-6-8-10 Manual Speed Protocol


(2) 5 pound DB’s x 10 reps

(2) 6 pound DB’s x 8 reps

(2) 8 pound DB’s x 6 reps

(2) 6 pound DB’s x 8 reps

(2) 5 pound DB’s x 10 reps



Exercise #9

Cable Tricep Push Down

Use Life Fitness Machine Multi Purpose Cable Device

Adjust pulley system all the way up.

Use angled bar attachment.

Hold angled bar with elbows back and forearms parallel to floor.


10-8-6-8-10 Manual Speed Protocol


17.5 pounds x 10 reps

20 pounds x 8 reps

22.5 pounds x 6 reps

20 pounds x 8 reps

17.5 pounds x 10 reps



Exercise #10

Torso Rotation


Use Life Fitness Machine Multi Purpose Cable Device

Adjust pulley system to waist height.

Use single handle attachment.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and away from the device so the weight is pulled off the “weight stack”

Rotate your body from the waist up as far as you can go in both directions. Keep arms extended out in front of you and elbows locked in the bent position.


10-8-6-8-10 Manual Speed Protocol


12.5 pounds x 10 reps

15 pounds x 8 reps

17.5 pounds x 6 reps

15 pounds x 8 reps

12.5 pounds x 10 reps



Exercise #11


Adjust pad all the way up.

Position your body in a side lying position ( Right Hip) on pad center (crack)

Keep feet straight and ankles supported on pad below.

Place both hands on side of your head.

Lean down to the left side and raise back up twisting to the right.

15 reps each side


Exercise #12


Adjust pad to second to last setting.

Face down on device.

Support both ankles on pads below.

Hold 5 pound DB with arms extended toward floor.

10-15 reps


Exercise #13


Adjust pad all the way up.

Hold 5 pound DB at chest level or over head for more challenging resistance.

15 reps


Exercise #14

BENT KNEE RAISE on CAPTAINS CHAIR (located next to the TV)

Support your body facing out, elbows on side pads.

Hang with feet off floor.

Bring both knees up to chest.

15 reps

Exercise #15

Crunches on mat face up

With legs in the air straight above chest, hold (2) small 2 pound weighted balls (red) from basket on shelf. Hold both balls behind your head. Swing both arms around the side of your body and tap bothe balls together behing both knees. Lift shoulder off mat while doing so. 

15 reps


Stretch #1

Supine (face up) Scorpion on Floor

Start lying face up on mat with arms straight out to the side, palms down, right leg straight in the air, and left leg straight and on the floor. Lower (use a 15 second count down) the right leg to the left across your body and down aiming the right foot toward the left hand. Keep both legs straight and both shoulders on the mat. Hold 30 seconds. Switch. 

3 repetitions. Switch

Stretch #2

Hurdle, Butterfly, Straight Leg, Split

with Resistance Band

Hold each position 30 seconds.

Stretch #3

Before sitting on mat, grab both handles of the band you will use to stretch with. Band should be secure to wall or solid fixture. Seated on a mat, get into a right leg hurdle position (right leg straight, left leg bent, left foot on inside of inner right thigh. Reach out and let band pull you forward. Try and touch right toe with both hands holding the band handles while you are pulled forward. 


Note: If not using a band, just reach out and touch your right toe with both hands. Switch.


Butterfly. While still grasping band handles and seated on mat, bend both legs and bring both feet into your groin/inner thigh area with the bottoms of you feet facing each other. Drive you knees to the floor while reaching out over your feet letting the band pull you forward. 


Note: if not using band just reach out with both hands over both feet while driving both knees to floor.


Straight Leg. While still grasping band handles and seated on the floor, extend both legs straight out in front of you on mat, toes pointed up. Let the band pull you forward and reach out and touch both toes with both hands holding band handles. 

Note: if not using band, just reach out to touch toes without band.


Split. While still grasping band handles and seated on mat, separate both legs as far as you can. Let the band pull your body forward. 

Note: If not using band, reach out and touch each toe with each hand without bending legs.


Stretch #4

Hip Stretch #1

Sit on mat, right leg straight and out in front. Lift left ankle over right knee. Pull left knee into right shoulder. Hold 30 seconds. 3 repetitions. Switch.

Stretch #5

Hip Stretch #2

Sit on mat with left leg straight out in front of you. Bend right leg and bring right foot in towards groin touching inner left thigh. Lift left leg and bring left ankle over right knee.

Push left knee down towards floor. Hold 30 seconds. 3 repetitions. Switch.

Stretch #6

Hamstring Stretch/Inner Thigh Stretch with Green Resistance Band

Lie on floor (Supine Position-Face up) with band around waist. Place right foot inside of band and raise leg straight up off floor while keeping other leg on floor. Pull band/right leg in toward your chest. Both legs remain straight throughout stretch. Hold 30 seconds.

Then pull band with right leg to the right side down toward floor and hold for 30 seconds.

Stretch #7

Quad Stretch with Green Resistance Band

Lie down on mat (Prone Position - Face down). Bend right leg 90 degrees. Keep left leg straight. Place band around right foot. Reach back over your body and grab band pulling it over your head while stretching quad. Hold 30 seconds. Switch.

Stretch #8

Cat Stretch/Reach and Extend

Start on mat face down on both hands and kneeling on both knees. Keep arms straight. Arch back. Hold 30 seconds. Reach with right arm underneath left arm close to the floor as far as you can reach to the left. Bring right arm back while placing right hand behind head while twisting right elbow upward.

10 reps. Switch

Stretch #9

Glute/Outer Thigh Stretch against wall

Sit with hips against wall. Rotate and lift legs straight up wall. Bend right leg, and place right foot bottom against wall while lifting hips. Cross left ankle over right knee. Push left knee toward wall and lower hips. Hold 30 seconds. Switch.

Stretch #10

Low Back/Hip/Oblique Stretch

Lie down on mat in the Supine (face up) position. Place arms out to the side, palms down. Keep both legs bent with both feet on top of mat, bottom of feet down. Bring both knees down to the right side keeping both feet stacked on top of each other. Touch bottom knee to mat, keep both knees together and keep shoulders on mat. 

Hold 30 seconds. Switch

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