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Mary S. Training

Upper Body 

Perform each exercise 1 time each day for the first 2 weeks on Tuesday and Saturday

After second week, perform each exercise 2 times each day.

Weight denominations on the machines may differ from Everfit and your gym

Flat bench chest press (Everfit and your Gym)

Please do not put your feet on the bench when you are by yourself. 
12/12 protocol x 3 sets

Twelve regular speed reps. Hold the 12th repetition outside of your torso, below chest line and feel the chest muscles throughout)

6 pound DB'S 

Upper Back 
Lat pull down (Everfit and use the Lat Pull Down Machine at your gym)
12/12 protocol
30 pounds x 3 sets

Seated DB overhead press (Everfit and your gym)

Incline the bench at your gym to rest your back when seated.

Bring the DB's down to ear level. Raise the DB's overhead and together at top of movement.
12/12 protocol x 3 sets
5 pound DB

Standing DB curl (Everfit & your gym)
12/12 protocol x 3 sets
8 pound db

Tricep push down (Everfit and use the Multi Purpose Cable Machine at your gymCable machine (rope attachment)

Bring hands down at bottom of movement and separate rope. Bring forearms back to parallel to floor at top of movement.
12/12 protocol x 3 sets
10  pounds 


Core (Did not perform)
Knee drops
3position crunch 
Side lifts

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