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Please perform the following stretches and exercises on days you do not train with me at BSFC.

Prone (face down) Scorpion

Start with arms out to the side, right leg bent 90 degrees, left left straight on the floor. Lift (10 second count) the right leg and try to touch the left hand. Switch. Hold the last rep for an additional ten seconds at the bottom of the movement.

 3 reps each side.

Hamstring Stretch on Bar (2nd floor) along mirrors

Elevate leg on bar, keep straight, reach out with both arms/hands toward top of foot.

10-20 second hold

Quad Stretch on Bar (2nd floor) along mirrors

Face away from mirror. Lift foot and place on top of bar. Adjust body position to length of stretch.

10-20 second hold

TRX Standing Roll Out

Remember to move hips forward first so you get the back arched.

12 reps

Calf Raises on Leg Press Machine

60 pounds x 20 reps

Tibia Flexor with Dumbbell

10 pound DB x 12 reps each side

Free Standing Squat using bar (second floor) along mirrors.

20 reps

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