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Rotator Cuff Exercises

Standing Airplane/Fieldgoal/Scarecrow/Wings (Shoulders, Rotator Cuff)

Airplane (raise arms out to the side, straight)

Fieldgoal (bring arms straight back, then sweep down by your side and raise all the way up to a referee’s fieldgoal position)/Scarecrow (bend arms 90 degrees) /Rotate (rotate arms 180 degrees, rotate back to scarecrow position) 

Wings (place hands behind head, elbows bent, push elbows back squeezing the shoulder blades together) 

3 pound DB’s x 8 reps 

Try movement with palms out, no weight. 

Dumbbell Front Raise on Incline Bench (Bicep Tendon/Anterior Deltoid)

Ten/Tens Protocol (10 second push, 10 second resist)

5 Tens-5 Rest Protocol (Five regular speed sets, with five second hold/rest fully engaged)

Sit face up on incline bench. Hold DB's palms down, arms extended all the way back. 

Keep arms straight throughout. Raise arms until parallel to floor.

3 pound DB's x 10 reps

TRX Rverse Deltoid Fly (S)

Face up at a slight angle. Hold handles palms in. Keep arms straight throughout. Start with hands together with your body hanging back slightly. Pull your body up with hands at face level. When you have reached the top of the movement STOP (DO NOT GO INTO DEAD SPACE). Keep arms straight and decend/resist back to the starting position. Muscles worked posterior deltoids, core, triceps.

15 reps

Rotator Cuff DB Extension (Side Lying on Mat)

Keep elbow on torso throughout

Positively Negative Protocol

5 pound DB

10 count push, 2 count resist x 5 reps

2 count push, 10 count resist x 5 reps

Standing Band Front/Back Rotation

Keep arms straight throughout. 

Rotate from quads to hamstrings

Yellow Band x 10 reps each way

Standing Band Side Overhead Pull

Keep arms straight throughout

Extend both arms overhead, Bring one arm down to one side pulling

opposing arm behind head.

Yellow Band x 10 reps each side

Berwyn Squash & Fitness Club

June 2016

10-8-6-8-10 Manual Speed Protocol

LF=Life Fitness

LF Leg Press (Feet Shoulder Width)


Free Weight Flat Chest Press


Assisted Chin (Bottom Handles) Upper Back


LF Shoulder Press

30-35-40-30-20 (Use Both Handles)

Standing DB Bicep Curl


Cable Tricep Push Down

35-40-50-40-35 (Rope)

Side Pull (Obliques) Use DB


Decline Sit Up


Cable Bent Knee Dead Lift


Workout Round #2

LF Leg Curl


Incline Smith Machine Chest Press

Load 60-70-75-60-50

Cable Row (Upper Back)



6 pound DB's x 4 reps


11 reps

Assisted Dips

30 pounds x 8 reps

Stretching for low back discomfort


Forward Lunge Lean/Twist/Reach

Hold each position 5 seconds

From the lunge position

(Push chest forward & lean, twist upper torso, raise arms overhead, tilt head backward)

5 each leg


Karaoke (standing)

Start with hands out to the side (Airplane position), feet shoulder width apart, Bring right foot behind the left foot (lean to the left with right arm overhead pushing left and left arm across front of waist pushing right, push right hip out to the right, hold 5 seconds) back to Airplane position, touch toes (hold for 5 seconds) Repeat other side.

3 each side.


#8-Standing Toe Swipes (step with straight right leg out in front of left leg, bend left leg, reach down try to touch floor and swipe the right foot (hamstring) switch/Lateral Lunge After swiping both legs/toes, place hands in the fieldgoal position and side lunge to each side. Repeat. 

8 reps


Supine (face up) Scorpion on Floor

Start lying face up on mat with arms straight out to the side, palms down, right leg straight in the air, and left left straight and on the floor. Lower (15 second count down) the right leg down to the left hand. Keep both legs straight and both shoulders on the mat. Hold 10 seconds. Switch. 

3 reps each side


Prone (face down) Scorpion (Careful lifting leg, this may cause more discomfort)

Start lying face down on mat with arms straight out to the side, palms down, right leg bent 90 degrees, left straight and on the mat. Lift up (10 second count) the right leg and angle it over your body and try to touch the left hand. Keep left leg straight and both shoulders on the mat. Hold 10 seconds. Switch. 

3 reps each side


Hip Stretch #1-Sit on mat, right leg straight and out in front. Lift left ankle over right knee. Pull left knee into right shoulder. Hold 20 seconds. Switch.


Hip Stretch #2-Sit on mat. Bend right leg and bring right foot in towards groin. Lift left leg and bring left ankle over right knee.

Push left knee down towards floor. Hold 20 seconds. Switch.


IT Band Stretch

Lie down on mat on right side. Grab left ankle (not foot) with left hand. Lift left knee up then touch left foot to floor behind your right leg. Lift your right leg and place right foot on top of left knee. Push down towards floor. Hold 30 seconds. Switch.

Cat Stretch

Start in all 4 position on mat face down hands and knees.

Keep arms straight, arch back, hump back and lower hips/glutes to heels and hold/stretch.


Quad Stretch on Mat Face Down

Carefully reach back and grab one ankle and pull/hold .

Anu Fitness

Strength Training

Multi Set/Split Muscle Group Routine

April, 2017


Mondays Anu Fitness: Legs, Triceps, Obliques, Shoulders

Tuesdays Anu Fitness: Chest, Biceps, Abs, Upper Back, Lower Back

Wednesdays Anu Fitness: Stretch/Cardio (Optional)

Thursdays Training at Berwyn Squash and Fitness Club

Fridays Stretch/Cardio 



(*) Asterisk indicates through a process of trial and error over the course of your first workouts, determine a weight that will elicit a maximal effort within the appropriate repetition range for the overload protocol listed.


When you are able to complete each exercise in proper form for the prescribed number of repetitions, add the appropriate weight (depending upon the difficulty of the exercise, an appropriate increase may be as little as 1 pound yet not usually greater than 10 pounds) and continue to progress. Never sacrifice quality of lifting form for quantity of weight lifted!


Chart (weight and repetitions) every exercise each workout


If progress decreases/ceases, rest (skip a workout) Decrease the weight and try to work up past the plateau. 




P=Paramount Machine

C=Cybex Machine

F=Flex Machine


HS=Hammer Strength




UT=Upper Torso

LT=Lower Torso

OH=Overhand Grip

UH=Underhand Grip

BW=Body Weight



Use the following Overload Protocol for the exercises listed.

Perform 1 set for each exercise in order listed.

Do not touch weight on stack for all exercises. Muscles stay under load throughout. Both limbs together at all times.


Crazy Eights

Single Set whereby each rep is performed by doing a "normal speed" (2 second PUSH/PULL) CONCENTRICALLY, holding ISOMETRICALLY for 8 seconds, and lowering ECCENTRICALLY at a "normal speed" (4 second RESISTANCE)

ISOMETRICALLY you may change the degree of the hold on each workout. For Example, you may hold bicep curl 30 degrees one set, 45 degrees another set, 90 degrees (half way up) another set and all the way fully contracted another set. Mix it up.


Repetition Range

UT: 4-6 reps. TIME UNDER LOAD: UT: 48 seconds to 1 minute, 12 seconds. 

LT: 6-8 reps. TIME UNDER LOAD: LT: 1 minute, 12 seconds to 1 minute 36 seconds.



Legs (LT)


Exercise #1

Paramount Machine Hip Abductor (Outer Thighs)

Load 100 pounds to start (*) x 6-8 reps


Exercise #2

Paramount Machine Hip Adductor (Inner Thighs)

Try to set range of motion for this exercise "full range"

120 pounds to start (*) x 6-8 reps


Exercise #3

Butt Blaster Machine

Push with heel of for throughout to engage glute and hamstrings

30 pounds to start (*) x 6-8 reps


Triceps (UT)

Exercise #4

Paramount (Smith Machine) There are (2) Use either one

Close Grip Tricep Press on Flat Bench Supine position (face up)

Position Bench so bar touches just below sternum on each resistance repetition

Grip bar with narrow (OH) grip.

Keep elbows less than shoulder width apart

Load 40 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Exercise #5

Tricep Dip on Flat Bench

Position Body and sit Perpendicular on edge of flat bench

Keep feet out in front of body and bend legs 90 degrees

Place hands along sides of your torso on bench and lift body up off bench and slowly lower until elbows are bent 90 degrees

Keep elbows back throughout

Keep back straight and close to bench

0 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps (Progress to putting DB or Plate weight on your lap)


Exercise #6

Cybex Machine Arm Extension

Adjust seat so back of arms (triceps) are flush on top of pad

Adjust back pad snug so chest is pushed against arm pad

40 pounds (*) x 4-6 reps


Obliques (UT)

Exercise #7

Cybex Multi Purpose Machine FT 360

Torso Rotation

Adjust Arms of Machine Parallel to floor

Use Single Attachment

Stand slightly facing away from machine and centered

Grab one side of the attachment with elbows slightly bent and hands out in front of body at waist level

Keep hips stationary

Rotate upper torso 180 degrees

Remember not to rotate hips, just from waist up

30 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps 


Exercise #8

Paramount Captains Chair

Side Lift

Hang from Captains Chair (supported on elbows)

Legs straight

Lift legs (both) while bending up to the right and twist so ankles touch right side of device where your right hand is holding on

After completing the exercise on the right, switch to the left

BW (*) to start x 4-6 reps. (Progress to holding a DB between feet)


Exercise #9

Knee Drops on mat face up with DB

Lie face up on mat.

Bring both knees into chest and raise feet so legs are parallel to floor from knee to toe.

Hold 15 pound DB with right arm directly over right pec.

Keep arm straight throughout and shoulders on the mat at all times throughout the exercise.

Position left arm out to the side with palm down.

Slowly lower both knees to the left, 4 count down. Hold for 8 count. Lift for 2 count.

0 pounds x 4-6 reps (Progress to ankle weights or holding a small DB between feet and squeeze)


Shoulders (UT)

Exercise #10

Paramount Shoulder Press

30 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Exercise #11

Nautilus Machine Lateral Raise

30 pounds to start (*) 4-6 reps


Exercise #12

Nautilus Machine Dead Lift

Load 50 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps




Chest (UT)

Exercise #1

Nautilus Incline Press

70 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Exercise #2

Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Plate Loaded Chest Press

Load 50 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps.


Exercise #3

Paramount Decline Chest Press

Careful with this exercise (spot mat be required)

Load 30 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Biceps (UT)

Exercise #4

Standing Preacher Cable Curl on the Paramount Multi Purpose Device

Make sure chain and handle (curl bar) have enough tension so range of motion is full.

30 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Exercise #5

Hammer Strength Seated Bicep Curl (Plate Loaded)

25 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Exercise #6

Standing Preacher Curl (use curl bar and load plates)

Load 20 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps.


Abdominals (UT)

Exercise #7

Paramount Machine Abdominals

40 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps. 


Exercise #8

Cybex Ab Crunch

15 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Exercise #9

Nautilus Abdominal

40 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps.


Upper Back (UT)

Exercise #10

Paramount Seated Row (use any of the two Paramount machines)

70 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Exercise #11

Paramount Lat Pulldown

80 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Exercise #12

Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Pullover

Careful with hand placement on this machine. Great machine for lats. Had out of order sign on it but can use if hands don't interfere with placement of bar when finished with set. Hold outside grip, not inside.

50 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Lower Back (UT)

Exercise #13

Paramount Machine Low Back

60 pounds to start (*) x 4-6 reps


Exercise #14

Medicine Ball Toss Using the Machine in the Abdominal Area adjacent to Smoothie Bar

Use two medicine balls at one time.

Lift ball overhead and reach back with your arms behind your head each repetition while leaning whole body back

No protocol, use timer or watch. 30 seconds to start, progress 5 seconds each workout. You should feel this exercise in lower back.


Exercise #15

Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg Lift on mat on all fours (Bird Dog Crunch)

Position yourself on mat face down on hands and knees, arms straight.

Reach out in front with right arm while lifting left leg straight behind you. (2 count)

Hold 8 count

Lower and touch right elbow to left knee at waist level without touching floor. (4 count)

Progress to ankle/wrist weights


Total Body, 9 muscle groups, 4 protocols.

(10) warm up reps (Regular Speed)

(8) 4 count resist, 8 count hold, 2 count push reps (Crazy Eights)

(2) 5 count resist, 5 count hold, 5 count push reps (Fab Five)

(2) 12/12 sets

Leg Press

70 pounds

Chest Press Machine 25 pounds

Pull Down

60 pounds

Standing Barbell Curl

Add 5 pounds to bar

Tricep Push Down

30 pounds

Decline Sit up

No weight

Cable Rotation

20 pounds 

Prone Position Leg Lift on Mat

(1) ankle weight each leg

Leg Press


Berwyn Squash and Fitness Club

Day 1

Four Muscle Groups

Adjust weight according to Protocol

Legs (Life Fitness Leg Press Machine) 

Chest (Smith Machine Incline Chest Press) 

Upper Back (Life Fitness Machine Cable Pull Down, Wide or Narrow Grip) 

Shoulders (Life Fitness Machine Shoulder Press)

Four Protocols per Exercise

60 Second Slo-Mo

Even Stevens


Reverse Progressions

Day 2

Biceps (Standing Barbell Curl)

Triceps (Cable Push Down) 

Abdominals (Bent Knee Raise on Captains Chair) 

Obliques (Cable Torso Rotation) 

Low Back (Hyper Extension)

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