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Workout to be performed every other day, 3 days per week. Perform each exercise 1 time in the order listed.

Hydrate often.

Warm up (perform one time only before workout)

Warmup #1 - Straight Arm Rotations (3 position)

Position #1 - Front (Hold arms at ear level straight out in front of you)

20 rotations in, 20 rotations out

Position #2 - Side (Hold arms at ear level straight out to your side) 

20 rotations in, 20 rotations out

Position #3 - Overhead (Hold arms straight directly above your head) 

20 rotations in, 20 rotations out


Warmup #2 - Monster Kick. Raise/Swing right leg as high as you can straight out in front of your body keeping leg straight. Swing/Windmill right arm at the same time you are raising your right leg and touch the right hand to the right foot while your right leg is still elevated. Repeat with right leg/left arm. Repeat with right leg/ both arms.


Switch to Left Leg, left arm. Left leg, right arm. Left Leg both arms.

5 reps each side


Warmup #3 - Jumping Jax (15 repetitions) 

Warmup complete


Strength/Resistance Training


Exercise #1 - Squats

Regular Speed Protocol 

60 total reps (No break in between)

Feet shoulder width apart x 20 reps

Feet together x 20 reps

Feet as wide as you can x 20 reps

Set #2 15 repetitions, 10 pounds


Exercise #2 - Hip Abductor on Mat (Outer Thigh)

Side lying position, bend bottom leg, keep top leg straight.

Lift top leg as far as you can.

Lower leg back down to starting position, do not touch at bottom of movement.

10 second up, 2 second down x 5 reps

2 second up, 10 second down x 5 reps

25 reps at the end of the movement aditional


Exercise #3

Single Leg Bridge on Mat (Glutes)

Regular Speed Protocol

Lie face up on mat, cross R. ankle over L. knee.

Push off left heel raising hips/squeezing Glutes at top of movement.

Do not rest or touch mat on descent.

5 sets 12 reps holding each 12th rep for a 12 second count all the way elevated.



Exercise #4 - Push up/Get Up Add ons on Mat

Regular Speed Protocol

Start in a Short Front Plank position. (Forearms and toes on mat, body straight from neck to ankle)

Push your body up to a Long Plank position. (Arms straight wider than shoulder width) Perform 1 pushup from the Long Plank position.

Repeat the Get Up and Add a Pushup to each Get Up.

8 Get Ups, 36 Push Ups



Exercise #5 - 3 Position Crunch on Mat (Middle Abs & Obliques)

Regular Speed Protocol

Lie face up on mat. Bend R. leg and cross left ankle over R. knee. Place R. hand behind your head and left arm directly out to the side. Lift your upper body off mat and try to 

Touch R. elbow to L. knee x 15 reps


Touch L. elbow to R. knee x 15 reps


With both hands behind head, Touch both elbows to both knees x 15 reps


Exercise #6 - (3) Low Abdominal Exercises

Regular Speed Protocol

  1. Single Leg Alternating Lift x 15 reps 

  2. Straight Leg Cross Over Sissors x 15 reps

  3. In/Up/Lower x 15 reps



Exercise #7 - Hip Raises on Mat

Regular Speed Protocol

Side lying position, R. side down

Make sure R. elbow is directly below R. shoulder

Stack both feet/legs straight

Lift hip off mat as far as you can

Descent back down to mat, not touching

15 reps each side


Low Back

Exercise #8 - Supermans

Lie Face Down on Mat with arms on mat behind you next to your legs. Keeping legs and arms straight, lift up in the air as far as you can, lower back down to the floor (touching floor with hands and feet) Repeat for 15 repetitions.


Exercise #9 - Pointer Dogs on Mat {Low Back}

Position your body on mat face down, straight arms and kneeling. Lift R. arm out in front until parallel to floor while lifting L. leg until parallel to floor. Pause. Bring R. elbow and L. knee down and touch underneath your  upper torso. Switch.

No weight x 15 reps each side


Exercise #10 - Knee Drops on Mat Face Up

Manual Speed Protocol

Arms out to the side

Bring knees into chest

Elevate feet

Bring both knees down to one side, do not touch mat

Bring both knees back up to center, then bring them down to other side not touching mat

0 pounds x 15 reps each side

Exercise #11 - 90 Second Front Plank Hold


Dumbbell Wrist Curl

8 pound DB

Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Curl

5 pound DB

Isometric Hold

30 seconds

Finger Push Up on The Wall

15 reps

DB Curl/Forearm Rotation


Trampoline Crossover holding Squash Racquet

Box Jumps

Medicine Ball Toss/Side Step

Game Ready Position on Step Plyo Box Jump Off/On

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