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Please perform each exercise one time, 2 days a week leaving 48 hours in between workouts. Do not perform 2 days in a row. Also, you only performed these exercises one time (instructional) with me. Please be careful when executing. Adjust weight accordingly. You should feel the muscle group you are working each exercise. If not more attention to form and more instruction may be needed.


#1 - Standing Knee to Chest/Knee to Elbow/Hip Around

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms out to the side, straight at ear level. Lift Right Leg and Bring Right Knee into Chest, lower Right Leg. Lift Right Leg and Bring Right Knee out to touch Right Elbow (keep arms straight, do not lower). Lower Right Leg. Lift Right Leg and bring Bring Hip/Knee Around the right side of your body and touch floor with your right foot behind yourself and to the right. Lift right leg back to start position. 5 times. Switch Legs


#2 - Standing Toe Swipes

Step forward, bring R. leg forward and out to the right slightly with toe pointed up and foot resting on heel. Keep leg straight. Bend left leg and reach down toward floor with both arms behind right knee leg and try to touch floor. Bring both arms forward and try swipe on the outside of the right foot. 10 repetitions. Switch


#3 - Karaoke (Standing)

Start in standing position with feet shoulder width apart, arms straight out to the side, parallel to the floor, palms down (this arm position is called the Airplane position). 


Step and bring right foot/leg behind the left foot/leg. (lean to the left with right arm crossing over your head pushing to the left) and left arm across front of your body (pushing to the right). Push right hip out to the right (stretching obliques), hold 5 seconds. 


Bring arms back out to the Airplane position, hold 15 seconds. Reach down toward toes with both hands keeping both legs straight (stretching hamstrings), hold 15 seconds. Rise back up to Airplane position and bring legs/feet back to the starting position (shoulder width apart). (Switch)


Strength Training

#1 - Straight Leg Dead Lift

Stand/Keep feet shoulder width apart and arms out in front of your body. Lower DB's down toward feet without bending legs.

(2) 5 pound DB’s x 20 reps


#2 - TRX Squats (both legs) 

Face wall/door/mirror, lean back, Feet Shoulder Width apart, knees should not cross over toes when squatting. Grip handles palms down, squat down until quads are parallel to floor, keep arms straight and back straight. Muscles worked quads, glutes, hamstrings, core, upper back. 20 REPS


#3 - TRX Chest Press 

Face away from wall/door/mirror at a slight angle (the deeper the angle the harder the exercise, use your ability, adjust as you go), grip handles, palms down, wider then shoulder width, lower (slow controlled) your body down toward the floor keeping your body straight from your neck to ankles, when you have reached 90 degrees with your arms bending (no further) push back up to the starting position. Muscles worked, chest, triceps, core, shoulders. 20 reps

#4 - TRX Inverted Row

Face wall/door/mirror inverted (hanging up) at a slight angle (the deeper the angle the harder the exercise, use your ability, adjust as you go), grip handles palms down, pull yourself up (slow controlled) toward the ceiling/wall keeping your body straight from your neck to ankles and turning your handles inward, when you have reached the top, descend back down to the starting position extending your arms straight on each rep and turning the handles back to palm down position on each rep. Muscles worked upper back, biceps, core, shoulders. 20 reps


#5 - Standing Airplane, Field-Goal, Scarecrow, Wings (Rotator Cuff Exercise)

Hold (1) one pound DB in each hand.

(Slow controlled movements, Feet shoulder width apart throughout)


Airplane - raise arms out to the side, straight, parallel to floor


Field-Goal (Keep arms straight throughout) Bring arms straight back behind yourself, then sweep down by your side and raise all the way up to a referee’s field-goal position (Straight up in the air above head, arms by your ears).




Rotate (rotate HANDS 180 degrees forward as far as you can, keep elbows up, rotate back up to scarecrow position) 


Wings (place hands behind head, elbows bent, push elbows back squeezing the shoulder blades together)


8 repetitions (You may use light hand weights or DB’s to perform or you may perform with no weight and hold palms out throughout)

#6 - Standing DB Curls (Biceps)

(2) 8 pound DB's x 20 reps

Hold both DB's palms facing in, arms straight by your side.

With elbows at your side the whole time, life DB's up and twist inward squeezing bicep at top of movement.


#7 - Triceps Push Down

Use any cable device.

Attach a straight bar or rope handle/attachment

Keep elbows by your side.

Press weight down toward feet extending both arms straight at bottom of movement.

Resist weight back up until both forearms are parallel to floor. Elbows should never leave the side of your body when executing.

15 pounds x 20 reps 


#8 - Get Up on Bench (Core/Abs)

Incline bench to desired height. 

Lie face up on bench keeping both feet on floor.

Hold DB directly over chest with arms straight.

Lift you body off bench until you are in a seated position with DB still pointed straight up toward ceiling.

(1) 8 pound DB x 20 reps


#9 - Cable Rotations

Use any cable device.

Adjust cable pulley system to waist height. Attach a single handle. 

Grasp handle with both hands and step away from the device until the weight is pulled off the stack. Rotate your body from the waist up from the device side all the way across your body while holding both arms extended out in front of your body. Keep both feet shoulder width on floor and slightly bend both knees. 

15 pounds x 20 reps each side.


#10 - TRX Standing Roll Out

Standing Roll Out

Face forward away from wall/door/mirror at a slight angle (the deeper the angle the harder the exercise, adjust angle as you go). Grip handles, palms down directly across from eye level, keep arms straight from handles to shoulders, keep elbows shoulder width apart. Keep body straight then lower (slow controlled) your hips forward first (slightly arching your lower back). {IMPORTANT TO LOWER HIPS FIRST} Then raise your arms (keep arms straight) up just above above head level,  (slightly arch your lower back), when you have reached your limit on the movement forward (after arching your back), push off handles/arms using your core muscles to bring you back to the starting position. Muscles worked, low back, core, shoulders, triceps. 15 reps

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