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This proposal will give you the opportunity to generate new business at all Sandals Resorts International Properties. This plan will generate sales, create employment and most importantly provide your community and resort with better health, fitness, weight loss and lifestyle objectives. 


Each property will have a Fitness Director. His/her responsibility will be to supervise and market each Fitness Professional and generate business at their property. Each property will have a monetary monthly and annual goal. That goal shall be based on occupancy and busy season. Each Certified Fitness Professional will have monthly and annual goals and incentives (see Sandals Fitness Professional Revenue Outline-OCHI), also based on occupancy and busy season.


Instant Booking Bonus (All Room Categories):

Each guest at any of the properties will be eligible for (1) One Fitness Assessment with a seven night or more reservation. The Assessment will be performed by a Sandals Certified Fitness Professional. The duration of the Assessment is 60 minutes in length and will include the following:


-Blood Pressure Checkup (using Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor or equal)

-Body Fat Analysis including weight, height, Body Mass Index,Visceral Fat (fat within the abdominal cavity and stored around the internal organs....liver pancreas, intestines), using Omron Scale, or equal.

-Cardiovascular Five Minute Treadmill Walk Test (use any of the Life Fitness Treadmills at the Resort Fitness Center) to determine VO2 Max (maximum rate of oxygen consumption as measured during incremental exercise.

-Flexibility Stretch Test (using Baseline Sit and Reach Box, or equal)

-Strength Test (Barbell or Dumbbell Chest Press)

-Endurance Test (1 minute sit up test)


in addition.....

-Lifestyle Questions (Can be completed before arrival)

-Nutrition/Food Diary (Can be completed before arrival)


After the guest completes the tests, he or she is given a score based on the results. The Sandals Certified Fitness Professional has an opportunity to sell his or her services and create a program (see programs offered below) based on the test score and the guests fitness goals. Training rates apply (30, 45, 60 minute sessions).


Programs Offered

Elegant Bride to Be Program (for the bride, groom and wedding party)

Pre/Post Natal Program 

Strength and Conditioning Program

Nutrition & Weight Loss Program

Golf/Tennis Fitness Program


The Sandals Fitness Professional, Sandals Property, Sandals Foundation and Director of Training will all earn a percentage of the Training Session.


Each guest will also have the opportunity to schedule their training session in advance on line. If the guest does not wish to take the assessment or purchase personal training, they have an opportunity to be on a fitness/nutrition email tip list that the Sandals Fitness Professional creates to keep the client/guest in the loop after their vacation ends by sending them followup information, workouts and guidance. I have a nutrition plan that fits into any fitness program. The fitness professional can monitor and hold accountable each of the clients progress via email or website and schedule in advance personal training sessions on their next Sandals Luxury Included Vacation.


Required for Fitness Professionals:


18 years of age

Certified (ACE, ACSM,ISSA, NASM, NSCA) Can be completed on line.

CPR/AED Certified

Personal Training Insurance

Knowledge of Nutrition a plus 



Each Fitness Professional will have His or Her Profile posted at each fitness center with their accomplishments and experience. Testimonials of the resort guests could also be displayed.


The Sandals Fitness Professional will help each guest understand exactly what they should be doing to accomplish their goals,  how to exercise effectively, and how to eat to make getting the body you’ve always dreamed of a very real and attainable possibility. 


Each Sandals property has their own Fitness Center to train clients.

To create a variety of exercise options, the following additional fitness equipment may be useful for the programs:


Kettlebells, TRX Suspension System, Flex Bands, Ankle Weights

Lifestyle Questions

Please circle and answer each question as thoroughly and accurately as possible.


What is your primary goal ?________________________________________________________________________


Have you ever participated in a weight loss/gain program?   Yes   No


If yes, which one(s)_______________________________________________________________________________


Did you get results?   Yes   No   Describe_____________________________________________________________


Were results permanent?   Yes   No   Describe_________________________________________________________


On average, how long do you stick with a diet/program before giving up?__________________________________


What is your reason for quitting?____________________________________________________________________


When did you first think about getting in better shape or getting back into shape?___________________________


What has prevented you from maintaining or achieving your fitness goals in the past?_______________________



When were you in the best shape of your life?________________________   Describe________________________




What do you weigh today?__________   What did you weigh 5 years ago?__________

What size do you wear today?_______    What size did you wear 5 years ago?_______


How do you manage stress in your life?_______________________________________________________________


What is your occupation?___________________________________________________________________________

Describe your activity level:  Sedentary      Active       Physically Demanding

Do you smoke?   Yes   No      If yes, how many per day?_______

Do you drink?   Yes   No     If yes, how often during the week?____________________________________________


Is anyone in your family overweight?   Yes   No    If so, who?   Mother   Father   Sibling   Grandparents

Were you overweight as a child?   Yes   No


Do you know how many calories you eat pert day?   Yes   No   If yes, how many?__________


Are you currently taking a multivitamin?   Yes   No   If so, describe________________________________________


Realistically, how many days a week can you fit exercise into your lifestyle?_________Times/Week


Have you ever worked with a Fitness Professional before?   Yes   No


If yes, please describe your past experience___________________________________________________________




What are your hopes and expectations of a this fitness program?_________________________________________



Last Name:________________________First Name:__________________________D.O.B._____________________




Zip Code______________Country____________________________________________________________________



Support System: One of the most important things you can ever do to facilitate your fat loss success is to surround yourself with people who nurture and support your highest good. Think about and list 3 people with whom you spend the most time. These are people who will dramatically impact your ability to achieve and maintain your goals.


Name:_______________________________Email address:_______________________________________________


Name:_______________________________Email address:_______________________________________________


Name:_______________________________Email address:_______________________________________________


  • Make a sincere effort to contact each person and make a personal commitment to them that you will follow through and achieve your fitness goals with our program.


Client Consent


By signing this consent, you are agreeing to the stipulations and requirements of our program. Please read the information carefully, print your name in the blank provided, sign your name at the bottom with today’s date.


I______________________________________   agree to participate in the Sandals Fitness Program for the agreed upon price. I understand that healthy eating and sound nutritional advice are recommended as part of my goal. I understand that nutritional supplements may be recommended as part of the solution. I understand that the price of these supplements is in addition to the program fee. I will pay the additional cost for supplements as necessary.


I understand that the Sandals Fitness Program is not a medically supervised program and that the program was developed for healthy people with no medical conditions or risks (physical or psychological). If I have an existing medical condition, before I can begin, I will present my Fitness Professional with a Physician’s Release Form, signed and dated by my personal physician. This form represents my physician’s approval to participate in the Sandals Fitness Program. I grant permission to my Fitness Professional to contact my physician, dietitian or health care professional if I require medical supervision during participation in our program. 


The Sandals Fitness Program is designed to help participants achieve their fitness and performance goals through proper application of the 5 Levels of Fat Loss (Supportive Nutrition, Sensible Supplementation, Progressive Resistance Weight Training, Smart Cardio, Personal Assistance). The Sandals Fitness Program will introduce and assist with each of the 5 Levels of Fat Loss. My fitness goals include visual change (ie. fat loss). I understand that the Sandals Fitness Program focuses on changes in body composition and circumference measurements, not weight loss. During the program, I should not expect to lose more than a maximum of 2-3 pounds per week.


A certified Sandals Fitness Professional will provide me with guidelines for a supportive nutrition plan that promotes fat loss while preserving lean shapely muscle. My Sandals Fitness Professional will monitor my progress and hold me accountable. Feedback and guidance will be provided based on my action plan and commitment. I will also receive educational and motivational correspondence relative to my goals. I understand it is my responsibility to adhere to the workout protocols (on the website) outlined by my Sandals Fitness Professional.


By signing below, I am making a personal commitment to myself, my support group, and my Sandals Fitness Professional to follow all guidelines and protocols, follow through with my action plan and comply as fully as possible to guarantee my ability to achieve my fitness goals.

Client Signature:_____________________________________________________ Date:________________________



Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)


Please read each question carefully and answer either yes or no. For question 8 & 9, pleas initial in the space provided indicating that you understand what is recommended.


  1. Has a doctor ever said you have a heart condition and recommended only medically supervised physical activity?     Yes_____     No_____

  2. Do you have chest pain brought on by physical activity?     Yes_____     No_____

  3. Do you tend to lose consciousness or fall over as a result of dizziness?     Yes_____     No_____

  4. Has a doctor ever recommended medication for your blood pressure or heart condition?  Yes_____     No_____

  5. Do you have a bone or joint problem that could be aggravated by the proposed physical activity? Yes___No___

  6. Are you aware, through your own experience or a doctor’s advice, of any other physical reason against your exercising without medical supervision?     Yes_____     No_____

  7. Are you over the age of 65 and not accustomed to vigorous exercise?     Yes_____     No_____


If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, please answer and initial the following questions:


  1. Have you consulted your physician regarding increasing your physical activity and or performing a Fitness Assessment?     Yes_____     No_____     Initial_____

  2. If you answered no to question 8, will you consult your physician prior to increasing your physical activity and /or performing a Fitness Assessment?     Yes_____     No_____     Initial_____



Health History. Please circle all conditions that apply:


High Blood Pressure Heart Disease or Stroke

Cancer   High Triglycerides        

Lung/Pulmonary Disease Kidney Disease

Osteoporosis Ulcer                                         

Depression Gastrointestinal Disease          

Prostate Disease Diabetes Mellitus          

Obesity Arthritis

Anemia Food Allergies

Neuromuscular Disease Arteriosclerosis

Gall Bladder Disease Low Back Pain (in last 6 months)

Psychological Problems Anorexia

Bulimia Compulsive Overeating

Pregnant/Lactating/Trying to Conceive Monitored by Physician

Recommended High Level Care Special Diet

Other Medical Condition_______________________________________________________________________




Please list any medications you are currently taking below:






Signature:_______________________________________________________ Date:_____________________________

Resort OCHI

Full-time Jan Goal Feb Goal March Goal Quarter 1 April Goal May Goal June Goal Quarter 2 July Goal Aug Goal Sept Goal Quarter 3 Oct Goal Nov Goal Dec Goal Quarter 4 Yearly Total

50% com FIT-PRO 1 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $9,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $9,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $9,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $9,000

50% com FIT-PRO 2 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $9,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $9,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $9,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $9,000

TOTAL $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $18,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $18,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $18,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $18,000 $72,000


40% com FIT-PRO 3 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000

40% com FIT-PRO 4 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000

TOTAL $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $6,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $6,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $6,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $6,000 $24,000

Total All $8,000 $8,000 $8,000 $24,000 $8,000 $8,000 $8,000 $24,000 $8,000 $8,000 $8,000 $24,000 $8,000 $8,000 $8,000 $24,000 $96,000


Monthly: Highest Total Sales If reaching Goal: $100

Quarterly: Highest Percentage Over Goal: $250

Annual: Highest Percentage over Goal: $1,000

Sheet1 Sheet2

Tom Lengyel Fitness Professional 



To secure a position as a fitness director with the opportunity to develop business models, manage personal training staff, train, educate and motivate client base through strength, conditioning and nutrition/weight loss protocols.


Fitness professional (independent contractor), Y at great valley, malvern, pa 2010-present

Maintained client base of 35 clients per week.

Generated $10,000 personal training revenue per month.

Successfully helped clients reach their fitness goals.


Director of personal training, Level-5 Fitness and Conditioning Center, malvern, pa 2007-2010

Managed personal training staff.

Maintained client base of 40 clients per week.

Attended Health Fairs to promote club.

Created marketing material to generate new business.

Generated 2008 club personal training revenue of $363,630.


Certified personal trainer and director of personal training, world gym, malvern, pa, 2006-2007

Managed personal training staff.

Maintained client base of 40 clients per week.

Generated 2006 club personal training revenue of $358,341.

Generated 2007 club personal training revenue of $371,621.

Created marketing material to generate new business.

Conducted new member/prospect tours, sold new memberships.


Certified personal trainer, world gym, malvern, pa, 2004-2006

Built individual client base of 50 clients per week.

Generated 2005 individual personal training revenue of $140,422.

Helped clients reach their fitness goals through customized training programs.



AFAA-Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Certified

American Red Cross, CPR, First Aid Certified

Cross Country Education Continuing Education Courses

Massage for Sports Injuries

Evidence-Based Strengthening and Conditioning

Releasing the Rotator Cuff A Massage Therapy Perspective

Running Kinematics and Gait Analysis

Dynamic Stretching: The Missing Link to Fitness, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation




Corel Draw

Microstation Version 8



XL Spread Sheet


John DeFendis 

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