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Perform each exercise 1x

Perform 3x a week with one day break in between.

Drink 12-16 ounces of water while performing.

Warmup Exercises

#1 - Chest Expansions

Standing Chest Expansions

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, bring both arms (keeping palms facing inward) out in front of your chest. Keep arms straight. Move both arms out to the side and back as far as you can in a dynamic movement, keeping them parallel to the floor. 25 repetitions


Break - 15 seconds


#2 - Arm Circles (out to the side)

Standing Arm Circles

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, bring both arms (keeping palms facing down) out to the side, parallel to the floor.

Rotate arms in a small circular dynamic movement. 25 repetitions clockwise. 25 repetitions counter clockwise.


Break - 15 seconds


#3 - Arm Extensions (Front to Back)

Standing Arm Extensions

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, arms by your side. Raise dynamically one arm at a time directly overhead (keeping palms facing in) alternating between L. & R. arm. 25 repetitions each direction.


Break - 15 seconds


#4 - Torso Rotations (Hands on Hips)

25 repetitions each direction


Break - 15 seconds


#5 - Jumping Jax - 25 repetitions

Break - 15 seconds

#6 - Single Leg Swings - 25 repetitions each leg


Break 1 minute/Hydrate


Cardio Exercises

#1 - Monster Kicks

Raise/Swing right leg as high as you can straight out in front of your body keeping leg straight. Swing/Windmill right arm at the same time you are raising your right leg and touch the right hand to the right foot while your right leg is still elevated. Repeat with right leg/left arm. Repeat with right leg/ both arms.


Switch to Left Leg, left arm. Left leg, right arm. Left Leg both arms.

5 reps each side


Break 30 seconds


#2 - Knee to Chest/Knee to Elbow/Hip Around

Knee to Chest/Knee to Elbow/Hip Around

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms out to the side, straight at ear level. Lift Right Leg and Bring Right Knee into Chest, lower Right Leg. Lift Right Leg and Bring Right Knee out to touch Right Elbow (keep arms straight, do not lower). Lower Right Leg. Lift Right Leg and bring Bring Hip/Knee Around the right side of your body and touch floor with your right foot behind yourself and to the right. Lift right leg back to start position. 5 times. Switch Legs

Break 30 seconds

#3 - High Knee/Butt Kick

Kick/Lift Right knee up towards chest while you swing left arm up. Bring Right foot down  stepping on floor then kick Left foot back and up towards glute (Butt Kick) while you swing right arm up. Alternate back and forth (Right High Knee, Left Butt Kick)

15 repetitions (Switch to Left High Knee, Right Butt Kick) 


Break 30 seconds


#4 - Mountain Climbers - 50 repetitions each way

Break 30 seconds

#5 - Burpees - 15 repetitions

No Break - Right into


Cool Down exercises

#1 - Hurdle, Butterfly, Straight Leg, Split


Hold each position 30 seconds.


Seated on a mat, get into a right leg hurdle position (right leg straight, left leg bent, left foot on inside of inner right thigh. Reach out and touch right toe with both hands. 




Butterfly. Seated on mat, bend both legs and bring both feet into your groin/inner thigh area with the bottoms of you feet facing each other. Drive you knees to the floor while reaching out over your feet. 



Straight Leg. Seated on the floor, extend both legs straight out in front of you on mat, toes pointed up. Reach out and touch both toes with both hands. 


Split. Seated on mat, separate both legs as far as you can. Reach out with both hands and try and touch each toe. 


#2 - Supine (face up) Scorpion on Floor

Start lying face up on mat with arms straight out to the side, palms down, right leg straight in the air, and left leg straight and on the floor. Lower (use a 15 second count down) the right leg to the left across your body and down aiming the right foot toward the left hand. Keep both legs straight and both shoulders on the mat. Hold 30 seconds. Switch


#3 - Hip Stretch 

Sit on mat with left leg straight out in front of you. Bend right leg and bring right foot in towards groin touching inner left thigh. Lift left leg and bring left ankle over right knee.

Push left knee down towards floor. Hold 30 seconds. 3 repetitions. Switch.


#4 - Cat Stretch/Reach

Start on mat face down on both hands and kneeling on both knees. Keep arms straight. Arch back. Hold 30 seconds. Hump/round your back and lower your glutes down to your heels. Reach out in front with your arms, tuck your head down. 


#5 - Low Back/Hip/Oblique Stretch

Lie down on mat in the Supine (face up) position. Place arms out to the side, palms down. Keep both legs bent with both feet on top of mat, bottom of feet down. Bring both knees down to the right side keeping both feet stacked on top of each other. Touch bottom knee to mat, keep both knees together and keep shoulders on mat. 

Hold 30 seconds. Switch

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