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Strength Training: The Right Way

The goal of the strength training program will be to develop overall muscular strength potentials that is safe, sound, sensible, systematic and applicable to your fitness goals.


Begin each set with a goal to complete the number of repetitions listed. The effort must be increasing for every subsequent repetition.

Each repetition should be performed in a controlled, deliberate manner where the exercise is performed with appropriate level of intensity and with the minimal involvement of momentum.

You should continually contract your target musculature during the raising phase and the lowering phase of each repetition. 


The lowering phase of every repetition should be slower than the raising phase. A suggested guide is to raise the involved limbs up (push or pull) in 2 seconds or at a 2 count and lower (resist) them in 4 seconds or a 4 count.


Flex the muscle momentarily in the mid-range of each exercise when the muscle is in its “fully contracted position.” Then lower the resistance slowly to the starting position. This is the most difficult way to train; however it is the most productive way to train.


When you are able to complete the exercise in proper form for the prescribed number of repetitions, add the appropriate weight (depending on the difficulty of the exercise) appropriate may be as little as 1 pound, yet not greater than 10 pounds and continue to progress. Never sacrifice quality of lifting form for quantity of weight lifted.


Chart your progression, allow ample time to rest and recover between workouts. You should change your workout every 8 weeks to prevent overtraining and monotony.


Use the following protocols for the exercises listed:

FOUR BY FOURS 4 Sets performed consecutively whereby the 1st and 4th sets are performed bilaterally (Both at one time) and the 2nd and 3rd sets are performed iso-laterally (4 w/ one limb then 4 w/other. Upper and lower torso 14-16 reps.


Perform 12 repetitions. 

After 12 repetitions hold the weight in the most difficult/engaged position for a 12 second count.


Perform 6 repetitions.

After 6 repetitions hold the weight or position in the most difficult/engaged position for 6 second count.

Exercise #1

Single Leg lift on flat bench. (Quadriceps/Hip Flexor)

12/12's Protocol

Seated on bench keep leg straight.

Lift leg with toe flexed as far as you can without touching the bench or floor.

After 12 repetitions hold your leg up in the most difficult position for a 12 second count.

3 sets (Progress to 5 sets, then use ankle weights). Right into (no rest)

Exercise 1A

Free Standing Squats (If these bother your knee, do not perform)

No Protocol

Stand with feet shoulder width apart.

Cross your arms over your chest.

Squat keeping your back as straight as possible while you touch both elbows to both knees.

20 repetitions (no weight) Progress to holding a 5 pound Dumbbell)

Exercise #2 (Chest)

Flat Bench Dumbbell Chest Press (You may incline bench to your desired height for alternative chest development.


15 pound Dumbbells. Right into (no rest)

Exercise 2A

No Protocol

Wide Hand Position Pushups on Floor

20 repetitions  Progress to increasing your repetitions each workout.

Exercise #3

Incline Bench Dumbbell Row (Upper Rhomboids/Lats)


Face down on bench.

Kneel with one knee on bench. Place opposing leg out to the side for balance.

15 pound Dumbbells

Exercise #4

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Medial/Anterior Deltoids) on slightly declined bench. Adjust backrest to "one notch"back.


10 pound Dumbbells

Exercise #5

Abdominal Crunch on mat (Face up) {Middle Abdominal}

6/6 Protocol

With arms crossed over chest, legs bent, lift shoulders slightly off mat while engaging the middle abdominal muscle. After 6 repetitions, hold in the most difficult/engaged position for 6 seconds. Right into. (No rest)

10 sets.

Exercise #5A

Short Plank on Floor

No Protocol

Position your body face down on the floor.

Raise your body off floor supporting yourself with you forearms and toes.

Keep your our body straight from neck to ankle.

Hold 30 seconds. Progress to increasing time 5 seconds each time or lifting one arm off floor for the duration.

Exercise #6

Pointer Dog (Low Back/Glutes)

No Protocol

From the kneeling/straight arm position on the mat, lift your R. arm out front and L. leg behind you. Touch your R. elbow to your L. knee. Repeat 15 repetitions each side. Progress to ankle weights and holding a light (1 or 2 pound) Dumbbell.

Exercise #7

Knee Drop

No Protocol

Face up on mat.

Legs bent.

Arms out to the side.

Stack your feet and knees together.

Lift your feet up higher than your knees.

Bring your knees to each side without touching the floor and without your shoulders lifting off mat. Progress to ankle weights.

15 repetitions each side

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