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Mark W. Triathlon Training

Biking Exercises

Leg Press (sled) Six Shooters 230 pounds x 18 reps

Feet Wide  

Feet Shoulder Width        

Feet Together        


Leg Extension (Six Shooters) 150 x 18 reps


Leg Curls (Six Shooters) 135 x 18 reps

Life Fitness Machine Chest Press

Six Shooter Protocol

100 pounds x 18 reps


Single Leg Press (Six Shooters)

115 x 18

Calf Raise on Leg Press Machine

Manual Speed Protocol

115 pounds x 40 reps

Alternating Cable High Row (Swim Simulator)

Alternating Cable Press (Swim Simulator)

20 pounds each side x 1 minute

2 sets each movement

Dumbbell Row

30 pound DB x 25 reps each side

Overhead Tricep Extension w/DB

25 pounds x 25 reps

Spin Bike

15 second minute intervals


Glute Kick Back 20 pounds x 45 seconds

Swimming Exercises


Flutter Kicks on Swiss Ball

Prone position, bent arms, forearms below chest, legs straight and toes pointed and positioned down on top of swiss ball. Kick alternating legs as fast as you can. x 15 seconds X 2


Medicine Ball Throws on Swiss Ball

Prone position, keep body straight and draped over swiss ball, hold ankles, throw 8 pound medicine ball in air keeping arms straight and not touching floor.

8 pounds x 20 reps


Straight Leg Roll Outs on Foam Roller

Sit on floor. Keep Legs Straight and place calfs on top of foam roller, push off floor with arms and suspend body in air, pull foam roller in toward body and push back out. 

20 reps


Supine Position Medicine Ball Extension with legs/arms straight and elevated 6 inches off floor. Hold medicine ball with both hands, bring ball behind head keeping arms straight, Extend ball to quads. 

10 pounds x 40 reps



Supine Medicine Ball Toss with flutter kick.

Lie down face up, flutter kick legs, hold 15 pound medicine ball directly over chest, throw ball up, catch and repeat.

15 pounds x 50


Side to Side Medicine Ball Throws.

Seated on mat, legs elevated and bent, hold ball, touch floor side to side, push ball out in front, push ball overhead, throw ball back. Legs stay bent and elevated throughout. 

15 pounds x 20


Supine Medicine Ball Diagonal Toss across body with legs elevated and straight. 

10 pound ball x 15 each side


Supine Single Arm Medicine Ball Toss

Lie back on mat face up, legs 6 inches off floor, catch ball with two hands, reach back behind head and throw ball back to trainer with straight single arm. 

4 pound ball x 15 each side


Supine Swiss Ball Flutter Kick


Supine Plank Walkouts 

Straight Arm Out to Side  x 7

Straight Arm Out in Front x 7


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