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Chapter 1

Functional Integrated Training 

Concentrated Breathing




Chapter 2 Warmup

  1. Relax the Body, Swing Arms Side to Side, Knees Slightly Bent x 8 each direction.

  2. Rotate Hips (Circular/Wide) with Arms on Hips. Loosen Up the Hips x 8 times each direction.

  3. Figure 8 Loosen Up Knees and Hips Large Dragon Sways his body x 8 reps

  4. Reverse the Figure 8 x 8 reps

  5. Subreeling Exercises-Loosens up the Spine Bring Arms up Side to Side (slowly) as far as you can like you were moving in water. x 8 each direction


Chapter 3

Tree Stance Or Stance of Awareness

Hold for 3 deep breaths

  1. Properly Position Body. Feet Shoulder width apart, Soften the Knees or Unlock the Knees, Tail Bone Tucked Forward, Chin Down, Tip of your Tongue on the Upper Pallet. Weight of your body should be centered between the balls of your feet and heel.

  2. Deep Breathing (8 seconds total on an inhale and exhale)

  3. Relax Muscles, Close Eyes feel comfortable and relaxed.

  4. Calm Mind

5 Focus on the specific organs while performing the following movements.


Chapter 4 Five Elements

Focus on each internal organ to create the sensations of calmness and expansion.

3 repetitions each


1. Lungs-Inhale Bringing arms up (shoulder width apart) to chest/lung level, bring hands inward, Exhale pushing hands out and lowering downward towards floor and right by your side.


2. Kidneys-Inhale Bringing Arms up at waist level and Turn to the left, Exhale and bring Arms to the Right like you were in water. 


3. Liver-Inhale Let your Arms Rise Up out to the side (palms up) Long Exhale bring arms down (palms down) by the side of your body.


  1. Heart-Inhale as you raise your arms up (palms down) diagonal to your body, Exhale as you hands (palms in) come in towards your heart and lower in the front (palms down)

  2. Digestive System-Execute Deep Rythymic with deep Inhales and Exhales bringing hands/arms up (palms facing each othe)  and down in front of body.


Chapter 5 

Five Animals 

3 repetitions each

Reverse Breathing, focus on inhaling into the lower abdomen, then exhaling out to the exterior of the body.

  1. Inhale as you loosen your arms as an Eagle loosening its wings. Exhale as you relax.

  2. Inhale as you raise your arms up like you are wrapping around a Tree. Exhale as your arms come down.

  3. Imitate the Bear swimming through the water. Inhale as your arms rise up, reach out and Exhale.

  4. Shift your weight to one side as you turn and twist, Inhaling as you raise your arms up, look between your hands like a Deer looking at the moon. Exhale bring your arms back to center. Switch sides.

  5. Twist and turn on the ball and heel of your feet as your hands come up to the chest coil up and sink down (elbows to knees) Exhale rise up like a Snake coiling and uncoiling.


Chapter 6

Muscle Changing Stretching the whole Body

Big Toes Together, Heels Slightly Apart

3 repetitions each


  1. Bring your big toes together. Inhale raise your hands up (out to the side) and stretch all your tissue from your toes to your fingertips, Exhale and drop your hands by your side.

  2. Inhale as your arms (palms up) swing up (over your head) and head forward (humping the back). Exhale as your arms swing back down by your side and behind you lifting head and looking back (arching the back).

  3. Inhale as one arm comes up and bend to the opposite side (over head). Exhale as the arm comes down. (Obliques)

  4. Reach up as you Inhale (arms out to the side) and fold your body down (bring arms in and place hands on knees) as far as you comfortably can (Tuck head/chin into chest and knees). Inhale as you Rise up, Exhale as you Fold Down.

  5. Inhale as you press back on your knees raising head up. Exhale as you fold back down as far as you comfortably can. Hands stay on knees.

  6. Reach down for your toes. Inhale as you raise your head up straighten your legs. Exhale as you fold down.

  7. Rise up, reach up and return to the tree stance.


Chapter 7

Turtle Sequence

3 repetitions each


  1. Assume the Turtle Stance. Inhale as you raise your arms up. Exhale as you sink down bringing both elbows to your knees.

  2. On you next Inhale press outward on inside of both knees causing tension up your spine. Exhale and relax.

  3. Inhale as you wrap your arms around both legs and hold your spine upwards. Exhale as you relax.

  4. Inhale as you raise your head up out of the water (bring both fists on top of knees) look to both sides. Exhale relax.

  5. Inhale and grab your left leg with both arms and bend to the right. Exhale release and place both hands on the floor and sway your body from side to side. Inhale and grab your right leg with both arms and bend to the left. Exhale and sway your body side to side.


Chapter 8

Seven Mountain Stances

Focus on aligning your center of gravity over each foot. 

Hold each pose for three long breaths. 


  1. Shield and Spear Pose. Turn to the left (shield with left hand) and Shift weight on right leg (spear with right hand). Bend left leg out in front of body with left toe on floor and left heel off floor.

  2. Tiger Ready to Pounce Pose. Bring both arms up in front of your body with both palms out. Bring left leg in touching left heel (raised)  on right ankle and left toe on floor.

  3. Eagle Spreads Wings Pose. Raise elbows up, hands/palms down, raise left foot off floor with left heel against right ankle.

  4. Hold up the Incense Barrel Pose. Bring arms down just below chest, position palms/hands up, Lift left foot a little higher against right leg.

  5. Kung Fu Kick Pose. Straighten left leg with left foot off floor, raise right arm/elbow/hand palm down to shoulder width.Left arm extended shields above left leg.

  6. Float your hands over the mountain Pose. Step forward and touch left foot to floor, right foot stays on floor, leaning forward and backward. Right arm/elbow elevated at ear level/palm down, left arm at waist level palm up.

  7. Wave your hands like clouds Pose as far as you comfortably can. Turn to the right first with right arm still elevated, pivot on the front foot, swaying arms up and down before changing direction.


Chapter 9

Tame the Tiger

Six repetitions each exercise

  1. Tame the Tiger. Assume a wide horse stance. Execute dynamic movements into each leg to improve strength and endurance. Place your hands on an imaginary tiger. Tame the tiger as you bring your left elbow to your left knee keeping the left leg straight throughout. Inhale as you go down, exhale as you rise back up slowly.

  2. Crouching Tiger. Wide stance, elbows bent,  arms raised, palms facing forward. Inhale as you Squat down bringing elbows to your knees. Exhale as you rise up. Imangining sliding down a wall and sliding back up.

  3. Pull the Tiger. Step back. Assume a deep squatted stance. Bring your opposite hand to your knee. Exhale as you pull back. Inhale as you reach forward.

  4. Leaping like a Tiger. Inhale as you bring both hands to the floor squatting down, feet a little wider than shoulder width. Exhale as you rise back up.

  5. Pounce on the Prey. Wide feet position and wide hand position (like a push up). Exhale as you swoop down (arching your back, head up). Inhale as you come back.


Chapter 10

Improve Coordination and Prevent Injury

Dragon Wields the Heavy Sword

Part the Horses Mane


  1. Imagine holding a large heavy Sword. Coordinating the upper and lower extremenities with your rotation through your center of gravity.

  2. Parting the horses Mane. Stepping forward bringing one hand up and the other hand down.


Chapter 11

8 Section Brocade

Addressing all the internal organs of the body as well as strengthing the muscles and the tendons.

  1. Stand in tree stance position. Inhale as you turn and look over your shoulder. Exhale as you return to center. (both sides)

  2. Interlock your fingers as you Inhale and raise you hands up to shoulder height. Exhale as you press up to the sky (arms fully extended).

  3. Inhale as you bring your hands down. Exhale as you press down towards the earth.

  4. Unlock your fingers on your Inhale. Raise your hands up with fingertips touching. Press up and down (with hands) as you look over your shoulder Exhale.

  5. Bring your arms to shoulder height on your Inhale. Exhale as you bend to one side. Inhale bringing your arms to shoulder height. Exhale as you bend to the other side.

  6. Assume a wide stance to strengthen your legs hands by your hips. Exhale as you punch and pivot on one side. Inhale as you point your fingers off into the distance. Exhale as you make the fist. Inhale switching sides. Exhale as you punch and pivot on the other side. Inhale as you point your fingers off into the distance. Exhale as you make the fist again.

  7. Imagine holding a bow and arrow in the wide stance. Exhale as you draw back the arrow. Inhale as you switch sides. Exhale as you draw back the arrow.

  8. Inhale as you place both hands on the front of each thigh bringing your head down and turning outward. Exhale as you rise up. Inhale as you come to the center, bring body up. 

  9. Lock you fingers behind you. Inhale as you arch your back and look up. Exhale as you fold forward bringing arms over top, head down. 

  10. Inhale as you rise up raise your arms up overhead and lift heels off floor then crash to the floor slapping arms to the side.


Chapter 12

Beat the Heavingly Drum

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