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Jose H.

Workout at Home

Perform this workout for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you complete all the exercises before 30 minutes, start over. You will need to increase your resistance weight training to a minimum of (3) 60 minute sessions whether you are training with me or by yourself. Never train the same muscle group 2 days in a row. Example: Tuesday and Thursday train with me at Everfit, Saturday or Sunday train on your own. You may perform cardiovascular training 2 days a week on your "off" resistance weight training workout days. Example: Monday, Wednesday or Friday, 20-30 minutes. 



DB Squats

Stand with feet wider then shoulder width, point toes outward.

Keep back straight, push off heels.

(2) 10 pound DB's x 20 reps



DB Chest Press on Flat Bench

Keep feet on floor for balance.

Keep lower  back flat against bench.

(2) 15 pound DB's x 20 reps

Bring both DB's down wide outside torso.

Press upward and angle them together at top, not touching.

Upper Back

DB Pullover on flat bench

(1) 15 pound DB x 20 reps

Hold DB directly over chest with "palms up" grip

Keep elbows locked in the bent position.

Lower DB back and behind your head while stretching as far as you can without bending elbows any more or less.



Seated DB Shoulder Press on incline bench

(2) 10 pound DB's x 20 reps

Raise bench so back rest is up to support you while seated.

Press DB's overhead, bringing both DB's together at top without touching.

Lower both Db's down to ear level.


Standing DB Curl

(2) 10 pound DB's x 20 reps

Hold both DB's with a hammer grip (palms in)

Lift both DB's straight up and twist them up while keeping both elbows at your side.

Do not raise elbows.

Lower both DB's back down to hammer grip position.



DB Head Crusher on Flat Bench

(2) 5 pound DB's x 20 reps

Lie face up on bench.

Start with both DB's at ear level, hammer grip.

Keep both elbows pointed up.
Press both DB's up until arms are fully extended.

Only bend arm from elbow to hand. 



DB Get Up on Flat Bench

(1) 10 pound DB x 20 reps

Start face up on flat bench.

Hold DB directly over chest, arms straight.

Lift your body off bench and rise up to a seated position on the bench.

Use the DB as resistance or leverage when coming up.

Use the DB as resistance when lowering down.



Knee Drop on Floor/Mat

Lie down on mat in the Supine (face up) position. Place arms out to the side, palms down. Bring both knees into the chest and elevate both feet higher than your knees. Bring both knees down to the right side keeping both feet stacked on top of each other. Do not touch floor. Bring both knees and legs back up to starting position and lower to the other side.  Keep both knees together and keep shoulders on mat. 

15 reps each side

Low Back

DB Dead Lift

(1) 15 pound DB x 20 reps

Place DB on floor in between legs.

Lower down and pick up DB keeping knees locked n a bent position. Do not squat down.

Lift DB keeping arms straight. and arch your back at top of movement.

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