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Tom Lengyel Fitness Professional & Life Coach - My Story


The most meaningful accomplishments in my life start with God, family and health. If we do not have good health and a good quality of life, money, cars, jewelry, 401k, vacations, bank accounts, houses, job promotions and material possessions are insignificant and meaningless.


I have witnessed over the past 20 years in the health, fitness and weight loss industry, that once we squander our health, it takes a lifetime of doctor visits, hospital care and prescription medications just to execute your every day routine. You cannot put a price on or pay the right physician, specialist or surgeon the right amount of money to get back your greatest resource, your health. In some cases it can be restored through medicine, but we must get to the root of the cause of what impairs our bodies. My goal as a fitness professional and coach is to work with clients every day to determine the source of their unbalanced way of life at the origin. 


Our bodies heal naturally on their own when given the proper nutrition and if needed, supplementation. We all know that medications, surgeries (although life saving in an emergency) and poor food choices do not heal the body. You cannot medicate yourself or take a prescription drug to get yourself healthy and fit. 


When clients come to me, they are apprehensive about their health challenges that will keep them from doing their everyday duties and from doing the stuff they love to do. My passion for helping people with their weight loss and health and fitness goals flourished when I saw that the traditional (Nutrition and Fitness Plan) approach was not working. I tell prospects and clients that they have some tools in their tool box that only get them to a certain point. I have and use different tools in my tool box which enables them to get the results they deserve. 


A layoff in 2004 from the engineering industry led me to a career change and get certified as a Fitness Professional. I had a good advisor and expert teacher; I was prepared to coach as many people that could fit into my schedule. 


The way I approached each individual client was to guarantee complete success with their goal by using the most effective nutrition available in addition to the most custom made fitness plan to accomplish their principles. By addressing the causative factors as blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol I have a very good success rate in lowering these conditions with people who are or not taking medication. I see significant results in in my clients in as little as 6-8 weeks. I am not looking to cure these factors with my program, I am working to reverse it so you don’t have to be on medication the rest of your life. The key is Discovery, Development, Advanced and Maintenance. All this takes time, consistency and repetition.



The four phases of a Successful Training Program from your Personal Trainer and Friend, Coach Tom




DISCOVERY is the first phase and is critical for people who have never done any physical training. It is named DISCOVERY because that is exactly what it is. During this phase, which could last anywhere from a week to four weeks, depending on each individual, the Client and Trainer work together to determine what the desires are and set appropriate goals.


This is basically the time when the Client learns about his or her own body and how it works. The Client learns about different muscle groups and how they operate, basic nutrition, training heart rate, an introduction to the gym and the various machines and how they work, using light weight and introduction to cardio training.


This is also when the Client and Trainer work out the initial training regimen for the program. Each Client is different, has different needs and goals and has different schedules, so each training program must be custom made. During this phase the Client and Trainer develop a program that will last for the next phase, setting goals, determining weight levels, frequency, amount and intensity of cardio training.


This is the most important phase because it is the foundation upon which a lifetime of fitness will develop. It is important to have a full understanding of the program that you are about to launch before you move onto development.


The Client will not need to learn much technical information. It is all very basic. The Client does not need to learn the muscles' technical names, as long as the major groups are known, how they work and which exercises work which muscles.


This is also when the Client and Trainer develop a positive rapport and a comfortable working relationship, with open and direct communication and feedback. In other words, the team effort for a progressive, positive successful training program begins here.


DEVELOPMENT is the next phase and will last from six to twelve weeks. It is called DEVELOPMENT, again for obvious reasons. This phase is the actual beginning of "real" training. This is when the Client begins to intensify the concepts he or she learned in the DISCOVERY phase.

At this time, the training becomes progressive, increasing the weight levels and intensity of cardio training. It is also called DEVELOPMENT because during this phase the client begins to develop joint flexibility and surrounding musculature before training with heavy weights. This is paramount to quality and safe training. Injury could occur if a Client begins training with heavy weights without preparing the joints and every system in the body for it.

During this time, it is very interesting and encouraging to watch the advances and to keep track of the progress. It is a new challenge on a weekly basis, to do a little more each time.


The Client also learns, during this phase, to improve his or her form, technique and continues to learn new and safe exercises to keep a variety in the training program.


Self -confidence, inner strength and self -motivation are all learned and developed during this phase which will carry the Client to the next phase. Some results will be achieved at the end of this phase, just in time to intensify the program for the ADVANCED phase.

The ADVANCED phase, like the others is descriptively named. This is when the "heat is turned up" on the training. By now, proper form, safety, variety, nutrition and other concepts have been learned and will now be perfected. This phase could last from six weeks to whenever the desired goals are achieved.


The ADVANCED phase can be geared towards building muscle or the focus can be placed on fat loss, if the clients goal is to lose body fat. If the Client's goal is not to build a great deal of muscle, but to lose body fat, then obviously heavy weight training will not be the focus. However, the intensity of the fat burning training will increase at this point along with continued progressive weight training and more strict adherence to a disciplined nutrition program.


For weight training, the amount of weight can be increased dramatically during this phase providing that safety, adequate rest and recovery and proper nutrition are first concerns.


Variety in the program both for fat burning and weight training, with attention to proper form, is continued during this phase. Nutrition is adjusted to help realize goals at this point.


This is the final phase for which Trainer direction is usually necessary on a regular basis. It is helpful for the Client to meet with the Trainer on a weekly basis during the next phase, for as long as the Client needs or wants to.


MAINTENANCE is the last phase and one that never ends. The Client will not have to work as hard to maintain as he or she did in the other phases. By this time everything the Client has learned has become second nature and will be easy and fun to maintain because of all the benefits that will have been realized as a result of achieving the goals.


Generally speaking, moderate workouts, two- to- four times a week with a continued responsible nutrition program will be adequate for maintenance. Trust me, by then you will be so much in love with the new lifestyle and the benefits of healthy living, that you won't want to go back to the old way of living.


Self confidence, Self respect, more respect from others, improved health, feeling and looking much better are among the many benefits of achieving fitness goals through a quality training program as outlined in THE FOUR PHASES OF A SUCCESSFUL TRAINING PROGRAM.

The "Four Phases" were developed for a lifetime of fitness and not "a rushed through approach" for temporary or specific results, Unlike many other training programs, everything learned will stay with you, including and most important, the desire to maintain it.

Because of "individual difference" (genetics), condition of the Client and the individual goals the amount of time spent in each phase will vary. Everyone responds to training differently and at a different rate. Muscle growth and fat loss doesn't happen at the same speed or the same way for everyone.


Everyday I have the opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives. Not just physically but mentally and spiritually. I am a born Catholic and my faith has helped me with my career and my decision making. Nothing is impossible with God when I put Him first place in my life.

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